Heritage Edition no. 5 – Acer platanoides being installed 😍

Heritage Edition 5 - Banner

This month’s Harrison’s Heritage tree is ACER platanoides – Norway Maple.  Interestingly, when you trace the roots of this wonderfully useful tree, you arrive back at the last time England had a King Charles.  The Norway Maple was first cultivated in England in 1683, at which time the Rye House Plot to assassinate King Charles II was in full swing.  It would ultimately fail and lead 11 plotters to their death.

An example we delivered to Arrowtown recently had a much safer passage.  With a little care and attention, we can transport large trees to practically anywhere in New Zealand.

ACER platanoides - Foliage, March
ACER platanoides - Install Arrowtown, August

Photo above: ACER platanoides – Norway Maple 1000L (installed August)

ACER platanoides 1000lt - Description
ACER platanoides & ACER rubrum, Millbrook, March

Grouping of Acer platanoides – Norway Maple, in Millbrook, Arrowtown