Apple Trees🍎😋

Apple Trees Banner - April

This week, Harry has settled upon Apple Trees for ‘Harry’s Tree of the Week’.  Available all year round – apples are generally their best about now.  A fact Harry is keen to point out as he frequently reminds us that  ‘an apple a day keeps the Doctor away’. 

Unperturbed by the usual reply of ‘yes, we’ve heard that before Harry’, he insists on reciting it whenever he lays his eyes on a juicy Granny Smith, also informing us how his ‘dear old Mum’ used to say it a lot.  In that regard, we guess the apple really does not fall far from the tree.

Apples - Manley Picking, February

That all said, there is a nostalgia to apples.  Names like Granny Smith, Royal Gala and Braeburn, are enough to conjure visions of happy days, running around in the sunshine and playing with friends.  The games only stopping for a quick scrumping of apples from a private garden before the owner waved a rake at you to move along.

Apples - Manley Picking, February

We stock all of those varieties, along with Fuji, Initial and the wonderfully named Lady in Red.  These are apples of bright green, deep red and everything in between.  They are some of the most hardy, self-fertile varieties and a popular addition to parks and gardens.  Deciduous, they will grow to 5 x 3 metres.

APPLE var 16lt - January

The beauty of them all is that once planted, there is very little to do in order to enjoy their annual bounty.  You simply walk outside, pluck and eat.  That really is good for you.  Yes, maybe Harry and his ‘dear old mum’ were onto something. 

Apple Tree varieties are available in various sizes, from 16 litre to 30 litre (3-5 year old trees) and many now in fruit as shown in image above – bonus Apples with your tree 😊

Apple Orchard, Birchwood, Arrowtown, April

Birchwood Garden – Apple Orchard, Arrowtown, Central Otago