Heritage Edition No.11 – Elm trees & Shading

“To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment”.

 We can’t say it better than Jane Austen. Although we would replace the word verdure (noun: lush green vegetation) with something a little more palatable to modern tastes. It was no doubt a trendy word in the early 1800s though.

While Ms Austen never had to seek shelter from an unrelenting sun, with a depleted ozone layer forlornly trying (and failing) to reduce the impact of UV rays, should she have done so, we are confident it would have been from under the shade of an Elm Tree. Because their shading qualities do…leave others in the shade.

Wooden bench under a beautiful and wide Elm tree canopy. Queens park, Invercargill.
Testimonial by Jill Selbie: "When people ask what our plans are for garden, I have no hesitation in telling them what you have on offer."