Heritage Edition no.10 – English Oak Project – part 2.

There are a few facts about the English Oak that deserve to be better known.  Like the fact that the Magna Carta was written using Oak Gall Ink.  The prevailing ink for over 1000 years, it was made from tannic acid extracted from growths found on the base of oak trees.

Then there’s the Bowthorpe Oak in England.  It’s over 1000 years old and has a girth so big (13.5 metres) that locals used to hold parties inside its hollow oak.  

What about the fact Oak is a traditional wedding anniversary present for an 80th anniversary?  Mind you, only very few people will likely need to be aware of that.  80 years married must mean a very ripe old age has been achieved for husband and wife.

English Oak, Queenstown, 2023

One of many oaks being lifted into place. Continue down for more images…


English oak, Queenstown, 2023
English oak, Queenstown, 2023

What else is there?  Well,did you know it’s perfectly possible to transport 48 x 2000 litre mature oaks, using them to create an instant avenue that looks as if it’s been there long enough to see many a wedding anniversary?  Because you can do that.  All that’s needed are 9 truckloads, some very careful loading, careful drivers, and about 2 weeks for transporting and replanting.

We did precisely that on a recent project after holding and growing the oaks for a client for a little under 3 years (we can do that too, if you like). 

Take a look at what unfolded here.  See video below if you missed it last time as well.

BEFORE + AFTER (winter and spring).

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