Hedging projects – part 2.

It seems the hedging email last week struck a chord with readers. This has compelled us to share more about hedges, but rather than force you to read through line after line of dubious quality prose, we figured a ‘show to tell’ approach might be more appropriate this week. So we headed out into the nursery to make a short video to share with you. 

You can view that video here:

Of course, we couldn’t resist completely ignoring the inclination to write. So here’s a little bit about the stars of the show:

Prunus Lusitanica, 60lt, August

PRUNUS lusitanica – Portuguese Laurel

The dark, deep green of the leaves are finished in a magnificent high gloss that glistens in sunlight, adding depth and texture to the aesthetics.

Then in late spring, racames of gentle white flowers appear, attracting birdlife and adding the fragrance of summer. With its dense, bushy habit, the Portuguese Laurel makes for a perfect formal hedge or screen. It’s a hardy evergreen that can be expected to grow up to 5×3 metres.

Key characteristics of Laurel:

  • Evergreen
  • Lush, deep-green foliage year round
  • Trims into a dense hedge, or can be left as a rounded, bushy tree.

GRISELINIA littoralis ‘Broadway’ – Native Broadleaf/Kapuka

Those strikingly green leaves are dense and glossy, making them very well suited for hedging or screening. With careful clipping into a small, formal hedge, they can be used to add structure and direction to a landscape or garden. It won’t matter where your garden is either. This is an incredibly hardy plant which can handle everything from the coast to an inland frost.

Key characteristics of Broadleaf:

  • Evergreen
  • Fresh, medium-green foliage
  • Creates a dense hedge, or bushy windbreak
  • Hardy for all round NZ – coastal to inland
Griselinia Ardmore, 60lt, October