HAMAMELIS – Winter FLOWERING Hazel – 26th July 2021

This beautiful smaller tree is one of the few flowering trees, providing a welcome blaze of colour and sweet fragrance mid winter.

Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnolds Promise’ – Gold Flowering as above, flowers with fine wavy clear yellow petals and red cups appear on the bare branches of this unique shrub. Stunning fragrance waft from these unique blooms, supplying blazing color in late winter.

An interesting fact, in the cooler weather the flower will curl up to prevent frost damage and then open out again when the day warms up. 

Prized for its profusion of sweetly fragrant flowers and its lovely autumn colors, Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’  is a very eye-catching winter-flowering shrub.

Hardy, this medium to large, vase-shaped, deciduous shrub features dense clusters of scented, copper-red flowers in mid- to late winter.

Currently both flowering varieties available as follows

HAMAMELIS ‘Arnolds Promise’ – Gold Witch Hazel, 25lt container, 1-1.2m now (measured from top of container) – approx 4 year old

HAMAMELIS ‘Diane’  Red Witch Hazel, 25lt container,  1.2-1.3m+ now (measured from top of container) – approx 4 year old

A Native Bellbird – Korimako, spotted about to dine out on these HAMAMELIS ‘Diane’ – Red Witch Hazel in the nursery