Frosty Beauties ❄🥶

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Beauty grows as the temperature plummets down South.  A sprinkling of frost at the nursery makes for a wonderful spectacle.  So much so, we thought we should share a few images of frost hardy plants wearing their winter cloak, showcasing just how impervious they are to the conditions. 

Yes, we grow them strong in these parts.  Hardy and tough, they’re built to survive and thrive in any environment.  That includes yours.

Easy Big Trees - Pond & Ducks - July

It’s not all plain sailing for the ducks on our pond though.  It froze over the first time ever.  Dare we say it was enough to drive them quackers?!

PRUNUS lusitanica 60lt - June

Prunus lusitanica are pictured here with their winter drooping effect.  Whilst they might resemble an unhappy schoolkid with shoulders slouched after being told it’s time to get to class, they’re actually very happy. 

So don’t be alarmed if yours do this – it’s just their way of adjusting to the cold.

MAGNOLIA grandiflora 'Blanchard' - June

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Blanchard’ proves itself a suitable home for a layer of ice, completely undaunted by it all.

PRUNUS leaf & frost - June

Here, a Prunus leaf has taken on a furry appearance, the result of 3 days worth of constant frost.

Golden globe 🌞 arises to melt the silver wonderland...

Frost June 2022