BETULA & PRUNUS serrula – Bark Interest 🌲

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This week, we’re highlighting two of the trees from our Top 10 Winter Interest Trees Poster (available for download below).

The ‘Himalayan Birch’ and ‘Tibetan Cherry’ both have a trick up their sleeve this time of year.  Or rather, they reveal what is always there but is usually covered up.  So maybe that’s more like a magician revealing their hand.  Whatever it is…it’s beautiful and makes for, dare we say it, a magical winter setting.

BETULA utilis 'Jacquemontii' - Himalayan Birch

Betula Woodland - Birchwood Queenstown - June

Woodland planting of Betula – Birch, at Birchwood Gardens

On a frosty, winter morning, the white trunks are like something from a snowy fantasy land.  They rise from the land as frozen reminders of the season but never make you feel cold.  Rather, they suggest a need for hot chocolate, log fires and a good book to be read by a window, which you can stare out of in between sips and chapters. 

They are certainly our most popular Silver Birch, famed for the neat upright form and that shimmering white stem that peels every year, to reveal a new layer.  The handsome, dark green leaves turn to gold in Autumn before falling to create a ground level layer of crisp and crunching delights – a sign of the magic to come. 

Often used as a singular focal point in a garden setting, it’s also incredibly effective in avenues and group plantings.  This hardy, deciduous tree will grow up to 6-8m.

BETULA utilis 'Jacquemontii' 30lt - February

BETULA utilis ‘Jacquemontii’ 30lt container @ 2.5m+ (measured from top of bag) – approx 5+ years old

Also available in:

12lt grade at 2m+

BETULA utilis 'Jacqumontii' & PRUNUS serrula - Bark Interest

Striking pure-white of the Betula – Silver Birch and Polished Mahogony bark of the Prunus serrula adds attractive interest and neat contrast to the winter-scape

PRUNUS serrula - Tibetan Cherry, Mahogany Bark

PRUNUS serrula 35lt - December

Adding a studious shade of mahogany, the colour of the shiny bark on display in winter is gentle and relaxing.  It warms the landscape.  This is especially true after a solid frost, when the trunk and branches contrast against the whiteness of everything else. 

That beautiful bark is flaky and home to a loose crown, full of light green leaves which have a slight serration.  Spring brings small white flowers, followed by a cherry-like fruit.  Then the almost willow-like foliage takes on a pleasant yellow tone in Autumn before eventually shedding.  This deciduous delight will grow to 6 x 5 m

PRUNUS serrula 45lt - November

PRUNUS serrula 45lt container @ 3m+ (measured from top of bag) – approx 5-6+ years old

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