Autumn Magic 💖💥

Autumn Magic

There’s a magic to Autumn.  It’s in the crisp mornings when your breath shows itself as you exhale.  It’s in the takeaway coffee, with that naughty caramel syrup sneaked in, warming your hands as you catch up on the gossip from an old friend on a lazy Saturday morning walk.  And it’s most definitely in the colours of the trees providing the most spectacular backdrop to it all. 

That magic is on full display at the moment, in and around Arrowtown, Queenstown and the Lakes Region.  We’ve been lucky to work with clients who have developed their own Autumnal magic show in their gardens.  So we decided it was time to revisit them and enjoy their show. 

We hope you enjoy it too.

Projects in this footage include;

Chanticleer Gardens, Queenstown, May

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