Arbor Day & Planting Guide

This week we want to take a moment to recognise Arbor Day, which was on 5th of June. Led by the Arbor Day Foundation, a global non-profit, Arbor Day aims to increase awareness of the importance of planting, nurturing and celebrating trees. They’ve helped plant over 500 million trees over the last 50 years, in over 50 countries around the world. 

Much like ourselves and, if you’re reading this – we suspect you too, the Arbor Day foundation believes in the benefits of trees. Recognising the positive impact of trees to both individuals and the planet, they’re pushing for more tree planting, with the goal of adding another 500 million trees by 2027. It’s ambitious, but it is needed. 

Photo: Chris and Jay from Easy Big Trees team planting an Ulmus hollandica ‘Lobel’ – Upright Elm tree, 300Lt, 10+ years old from Harrisons Heritage Collection.

You can read more information about the work of the Arbor Day Foundation here. And if you’re short on time, then just read this page on tree facts. They’re quite compelling.

Banner showing three photos of Easy Big Trees support to the NZ Arb Annual Conference in Invercargill last year.

If reading their website inspires you to plant some more trees, then you might find this link to our Tree Planting Guide rather handy. It outlines a simple 6 step process for planting trees. Of course, if you need advice for a specific tree then please let us know. We’d be happy to help. 

Three images showing the Easy Big Trees team planting a 20+ years old Agathus Kauri tree, to create a world of beauty in our nursery.

We hope you enjoy our Planting Guide, and we finish this week newsletter with a project inspiration from Cromwell, with the same tree that Chris and Jay were planting at the top.

Testimonial from Sararose Brown Landscaping from Queenstown, one more Easy Big Trees happy client.