TRACHYCARPUS fortunei, Windmill Palm 🌴

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There’s only so much highlighting of the wonders of winter that’s acceptable.  At some point, the cold really does bite, that ferocious little dig from the wind, as we turn the collars up and frown down.  We start to hanker for a slither of sun, dreaming of exotic holidays.

We can’t give you the sun.  Nor the exotic holiday.  But we can showcase the Windmill Palm, with its welcoming and warming appearance.  A dioecious evergreen, it’s a remarkably hardy plant, able to weather the Southern winter while being equally comfortable basking in the northern summer sun.  Mother Nature has found her match with this one.

15-Trachycarpus - Windmill Palm - Horseshoe Bend Wanaka - June 2021 (3)

Large Heritage grade as installed at Horseshoe Bend Estate

Also known as the Fan Palm, with gloriously green leaves palmately divided, it performs a constant show.  That show very much says ‘it’s ok – just think of the warm weather to come’.  Or during summer; ‘take a seat at my trunk and relax a bit’.  That trunk is covered in tufts of fibre, which warms the palms’ appearance further.

The only ‘fault’ with this plant is it’s so relaxed, there is no rush to grow.  It’ll take 10 years to grow around 2m.  But that’s ok – because the Windmill Palm removes your sense of urgency.  You get sucked into its ability to take it easy, unbothered by the world and whatever the weather may happen to be.

TRACHYCARPUS fortunei - Windmill Palm

Trachycarpus fortuneii

TRACHYCARPUS fortunei – Harrisons Heritage Grade – 1000lt container @ 5m+ (measured from top of bag) – approx 15+ years old

TRACHYCARPUS fortunei 1000lt - Loading, December

TRACHYCARPUS – Windmill Palms being sent on their way to their new home in Christchurch!

TRACHYCARPUS fortunei 135lt - January

TRACHYCARPUS fortunei 130lt container @ 1.8m (measured from top of pot) – approx 10+ years old