Tis the Season for Production 🌲🚜

Winter Production - July

There’s no hibernation during winter.  And no discontent either.  Instead, it’s full steam ahead (or moisture vapour from warm breath anyway) as we busy ourselves with receiving a few thousand trees.  Each is meticulously inspected, with roots pruned and shape pruned, if needed. 

So far we’ve processed over 5’000 trees this winter with many more to come…

Above staff, from bottom: Simon, Warren & Jane

Ryland - Winter Production - July

Ryland carries our quality control and pruning process, showing Quercus palustris – Pin Oaks 

Warren - Winter Production - July

Warren carefully transports some newley containerised trees to their spot in the nursery, where they’ll be cared for, growing strong and healthy.

Brandon - Winter Production - July

Brandon checks the potting sheet, ensuring the records are correct so we can be certain of stock levels.

ULMUS 'Horizontalis' - Winter Production - July

More action this week in the nursery! This large 50 year old Spreading Elm was moved from nearby to our new 6 acre nursery block entrance – which is directly opposite our current Pomona Rd site. Adding instant Heritage to this area.