Queenstown Country Manor

This stunning property set in the heart of Queenstowns Golden Triangle. This location is a perfect example of the impact and effect trees provide after a few years of growth. This project got underway approximately 10 years ago, with the creation of the pond first, then the tree plantings to enhance the overall effect. The results now are impressive – particularly in autumn!

Oaks (Quercus), and Limes (Tilia) take centre stage, with their perfect form and beautiful autumn colour, while Weeping Willows, Purple Beech, and Crabapple also feature in the planting.

While the trees certainly make a statement in autumn, the landscape is equally impressive in summer.
The grouping of Lime Trees (Tilia) next to the pond with their lush green foliage and perfect rounded form look great at this time of year. Over the opposite side of the pond, Purple Beech (Fagus) contrasts against the deep green foliage of the other trees. The large trees provide valued shade against the hot Central-Otago sunshine, making it a great place to enjoy life during the summer months!

Trees at the Property