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  1. GREAT Screening & Hedging – HARDY Portuguese Laurel

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    The very popular Portugal Laurel – Prunus lusitanica as shown above and below makes a fantastic hedge with its lovely dark green foliage and dense growth providing excellent privacy. Also creates a great border and garden backdrop.

    Our most popular & hardy evergreen, grows especially well in Queenstown & Wanaka Lakes district. Hardy to frost and dry.

    PRUNUS lusitanica Hedge - Jan, Queenstown

    Beautiful garden setting in Queenstown area

    Also creates a lovely pleached or standardized topiary

    Standard Portuguese Laurels - PRUNUS lusitanica Std - Nov - Portuguese Laurel Std

    Lovely Large Sizes available now looking great!

    PRUNUS lusitanica 35lt - Jan

    PRUNUS lusitanica, Portugal Laurel, 35lt container at 1.3 to 1.4m now

    PRUNUS lusitanica 35lt - Jan

    PRUNUS lusitanicaPortuguese Laurel, 35lt container now

    Lovely LARGE – PRUNUS lusitanica – Portuguese Laurel Standards for Topiary or Pleaching

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1.2m Std, 35lt - Jan

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1.2m StdStd Portuguese Laurel, 35lt Container at 1.7-1.8m now

  2. SUMMER Shade – Lush Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Mop Top’

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    Lush Robinia Trees – This popular tree has a lovely lush soft green canopy that can be kept in tight rounded form or allowed to grow into a larger full crown Perfect for courtyards & BBQ areas, providing great summer shade. These do prefer protection from wind.

    Also creates a lovely avenue. A fantastic tree for Central Otago & Queenstown & Wanaka Lakes Districts.

    ROBINIA pseudoacacia Mop Top - Wanaka, Jan

    Lovely soft green privacy in this avenue shown above…

    ROBINIA pseudoacacia Mop Top 45lt - Dec

    Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Mop Top’ 1.5m StdMop Head Robinia,  45L container at 2.2m+ now

    ROBINIA pseudoacacia Mop Top 45lt - Dec

    Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Mop Top’ 1.8m Std, Mop Head Robinia, 45lt container at 2.5m now

  3. WELCOME back and wishing you a fantastic 2019!

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    We trust you have enjoyed or enjoying a great summer break. The Team at Easy Big Trees are now back and refreshed after an excellent spell of summer weather and looking forward to helping with your tree & plant needs.

    The above photo is at Curio Bay in the Catlin’s… a magic spot and a great place to swim with porpoises.

  4. THANK YOU for a fantastic 2018 & best wishes for 2019!

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    As the sun sets on another great year we would like to sincerely thank you for all your support and custom this year.

    It has been another record busy year for us here at Easy Big Trees with our full-time team now at 10 and nursery space further increasing to keep up with supply. The year 2019 also looks to be another fantastic year…

    As we sign out with the last email of the year we wish you all a fantastic holiday season with family and friends and a bright and prosperous 2019!

    Please enjoy the following video showing some Southern Scenes (please come & visit!) and recent project footage…

  5. GOLDEN Specimen Tree – ULMUS procera ‘Louis van Houtte’

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    Golden Specimen Tree – Beautiful larger growing tree providing a cheerful golden glow to any landscape. Creates attractive avenue (as above) and a beautiful specimen tree providing cool shade during the heat of summer…

    ULMUS procera 'Louis Van Houtte' - Maple Glen

    Available in instant specimen size as follows:

    ULMUS procera 'Louis Van Houtte' 300lt - Nov

    ULMUS procera ‘Louis Van Houtte‘ Golden Specimen Tree, Elm, 300lt container at 4.5m+ now

    ULMUS procera Louis Van Houtte 45lt - Jan
    ULMUS procera 'Louis Van Houtte' 135lt - March

    ULMUS procera ‘Louis Van Houtte’, Golden Elm, 45lt container at 3m now

    ULMUS procera ‘Louis Van Houtte’, Golden Elm, 135lt container at 4m now

    We would also like to share some recent images of beautiful projects we have been privileged to supply…

    Cordelia Burgess Project, December

    Stunning property with Tilia – Lime tree avenue and pleaching, Carpinus – Hornbeam hedging and a selection of specimen trees including Sorbus – Whitebeam

    Suzannah Dowling Project, December

    Lovely property with a selection of Prunus – Flowering Cherries and deciduous specimens

    Ian & Wendy Hutton Project, December

    This majestic property was supplied 10 years ago and looking stunning!

    A great range of lovely deciduous trees make up this parklike setting including; Acers –Maples, Fagus – English & Copper Beech, Prunus – Flowering Cherry, Quercus – Oaks, Sorbus – Rowans, Tilia – Limes, Ulmus – Golden Elms

    Frank Amyes Project, December

    Extensive deciduous and evergreen plantings at this lovely property in Clyde.

  6. Cornus ‘Greenvale’ Semi Evergreen – Dogwood

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    Semi Evergreen Dogwood – It has been an amazing season for the Flowering Dogwoods this year! This stunning Cornus ‘Greenvale’ shown in full show above (image taken last week)

    This lovely hardy variety originally found in Greenvale Southland is semi evergreen and has an amazing flower long lasting display, with early flowers early-mid spring a cream white changing to pure white then shades of pink mid-summer. 

    CORNUS 'Greenvale' (flower) - Dec

    Cornus ‘Greenvale’ , Semi Evergreen – Dogwood – shown with attractive early cream flower 

    CORNUS 'Greenvale' (flower) - Nov
    CORNUS Greenvale (flower) - Dec

    Cornus ‘Greenvale’ , Semi Evergreen – Dogwood, showing cream flower early spring to white (currently)


    Available now in as follows:

    CORNUS 'Greenvale' 25lt - Dec

    Cornus ‘Greenvale’ , Dogwood, 25lt container at 2m now


    Interesting CORNUS ‘Greenvale’ Facts

    “This lovely variety was raised in Greenvale, Southland NZ by Mrs L Patterson”

    Cornus Greenvale is a cross between evergreen C. capitata and deciduous C. kousa chinensis resulting in semi-evergreen smaller tree”

  7. TOPIARY – POPULAR Portuguese Laurel – INSTANT SIZE!

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    One of our most popular evergreen trees and topiary trees – the hardy and beautiful Portuguese Laurel – Prunus lusitanica. This great tree creates and excellent topiary and pleached evergreen screen. Ideal for courtyards plantings, entrance and feature planting as shown in these two beautiful examples.

    PRUNUS lusitanica Std - Dec

    Lovely LARGE specimens available NOW as follows:

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1m Std 35lt - Nov

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1m StdStd Portugal Laurel, 35lt container at 1.5m+ now

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1.2m Std, 35lt - Jan

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1.2m StdStd Portugal Laurel, 35lt container at 1.7m+ now

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1.5m Std 35lt - Nov

    PRUNUS lusitanica 1.5m StdStd Portugal Laurel, 35lt container at 2m+

  8. STRIKING Red Foliage – PHOTINIA fraseri ‘Red Robin’

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    Hardy Evergreen Hedging – A real stand out early spring and through summer with bright red new foliage on dark green established foliage. Hardy and quick growing, withstanding frosts. Shown in this lovely example in Arrowtown above.

    PHOTINIA fraseri 'Red Robin' 25lt - Nov

    PHOTINIA fraseri ‘Red Robin’Hardy Evergreen Hedging, 25lt container at 1.3-1.5m+ now

    PHOTINIA fraseri 'Red Robin' 12lt - Feb

    PHOTINIA ‘Red Robin/Super Hedge’, Hardy Evergreen Hedging12lt container at 1.2m+ now


    Also available in lovely PHOTINIA ‘Red Robin’ Standards…

    PHOTINIA fraseri 'Red Robin' Std 35lt - Oct

    PHOTINIA fraseri ‘Red Robin’ 1.2-1.5m Std, 35lt container at 2m – create a fantastic pleached hedge!


    Interesting PHOTINIA Facts

    “Photinia are Native to Asia including the Himalaya east to Japan and south to India and Thailand.

    These plants are part of the rose family (Rosaceae) and related to the apple. The botanical name derives from the Greek word photeinos for shiny and refers to the often glossy leaves

  9. LUSH English Hornbeam – CARPINUS betulus

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    Lush new growth is a standout especially this time of year with the Carpinus betulus – English or European Hornbeam. Creates a neat smaller hedge as shown above in photo taken in Arrowtown. Also a fantastic pleaching tree. Hardy and quick growing – add your instant hedge or border today with these lovely larger grades available now:

    CARPINUS betulus 35/45lt - Nov
    CARPINUS betulus Std 45lt - Nov

    CARPINUS betulus – English Hornbeam Hedging Grade (on left photo) 35/45lt container at approx. 2-2.3m+

    CARPINUS betulus Std – Pleaching English Hornbeam (right photo) 45lt container at approx. 1-1.2m std 2.5m


    Upright English Hornbeam – CARPINUS betulus ‘Fastigiata’

    CARPINUS betulus 'Fastigiata' 35lt - Nov
    CARPINUS betulus 'Fastigiata' (foliage) - Nov

    This lovely upright growing form is also for narrower hedging or formal avenues

    CARPINUS betulus ‘Fastigiata’Upright English Hornbeam, 35lt container at approx. 2.5m+


    Interesting Carpinus betulus – Hornbeam Facts

    Hornbeam is a deciduous broadleaf tree native to the south of the UK”

    “The name hornbeam comes from the hardness of its timber – ‘horn’ means ‘hard’ and ‘beam’ was the name for a tree in older English. The wood is often used for making chess pieces

  10. FLOWERING Hawthorn – CRATAEGUS laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’

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    Scarlet Flowering Hawthorn – A lovely smaller to medium tree with stunning deep scarlet to deep pink flower rosettes late spring. In full glory now as shown in this avenue above. Hardy tree well suited to heat and dry as well as colder climates. This variety is grafted and non-spreading.

    CRATAEGUS laevigata 'Pauls Scarlet' (flower) - Oct

    CRATAEGUS laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’, Scarlet Hawthorn in flower now…!!!


    Lovely larger 80lt grade trees available as follows (approx. 8-10 year old trees)

    CRATAEGUS laevigata 'Pauls Scarlet' 80lt - Oct

    CRATAEGUS laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’, Scarlet Hawthorn, 80lt container at 3m+


    Interesting Crataegus Facts

    Crataegus laevigata, known as the midland hawthorn or English hawthorn is a species of hawthorn native to western and central Europe, from Great Britain and Spain east to the Czech Republic and Hungary. It is also in North Africa

    Paul’s Scarlet’ and ‘Rosea Flore Pleno’ varieties have both gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit