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  1. ULMUS carpinifolia ‘Variegata’

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    This Variegated Elm Tree really stands out with its silvery cream foliage. Large upright tree with finely variegated foliage. Hardy, tolerating a range of soils and wind.

    Great avenue tree especially when set against a dark green backdrop of Cupressocyparis leylandii or similar to provide lovely contrast. Also great shade tree, providing soft dappled shade.

    ULMUS carpinifolia 'Variegata' (foliage) - Nov

    Also known as the ‘Ghost Elm’ with its silver appearance especially on the duller days.

    ULMUS carpinifolia 'Variegata' 45lt - Nov

    ULMUS carpinifolia ‘Variegata’ – Variegated Elm, root pouch container 40lt at 2.5-3m now

  2. CORNUS ‘Greenvale’

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    This lovely hardy White Flowering Dogwood selection was originally located in Greenvale, Southland. Very similar to Eddies White Wonder but more resilient with an excellent, long lasting mass flowering display.

    A semi evergreen medium sized tree flowering from early-mid spring. Creamy white flowers changing to pure white then shades of pink mid-summer. The added bonus of great autumn colour in Central Otago regions.

    A real standout this season as shown above in recent photo of this lovely Queenstown property.

    CORNUS 'Greenvale' (flower) - Dec

    Attractive creamy white flowers now…

    CORNUS 'Greenvale' 25lt - Jan

    CORNUS ‘Greenvale’  Semi-evergreen Dogwood, 25lt container at 2-2.3m now.

    CORNUS 'Greenvale' 80lt - Dec

    CORNUS ‘Greenvale’ White Flowering Dogwood, 80lt container at 2.7-3m now.

  3. GLEDITSIA ‘Sunburst’ 🌞

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    ‘Sunburst’ – a perfectly named tree for the past and current week. Been nice to have the lovely warm days back again…

    This beautiful Golden Gleditsia tree provides a blaze of colour and soft shade against those lovely deep blue summer days. The Gleditsia’s seem to do very well in Southern Lakes and Central Otago as they do enjoy the heat and dry. These lovely specimens at Remarkables Park, Queenstown.

    Add that glow to your project today! 🌞

    GLEDITSIA triacanthos ‘Sunburst’ (foliage) - Nov

    Great colour contrast… oh the beautiful shades of summer…

    GLEDITSIA triacanthos ‘Sunburst’ 35/45lt - Nov

    GLEDITSIA triacanthos ‘Sunburst’ – Golden Honey Locust, 35/45lt container at 2.2-2.5m

  4. 🌺 SCARLET Flowering Hawthorn

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    Scarlet Hawthorn Tree – Another tree a blaze of colour right now!

    The CRATAEGUS laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’ with dense green small maple-like foliage laden with clusters of scarlet-red rosette flowers late spring.

    Beautiful avenue or street tree as shown above at Donovan Park, Invercargill this month. Cold hardy, deciduous, grows to 5–7m.

    CRATAEGUS laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’ (flower) - Nov

    Neat, tight flower rosette’s providing a lovely display late spring…

    CRATAEGUS laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’ 80lt - Nov

    CRATAEGUS laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’Scarlet Flowering Hawthorn, 80lt container at 3.5m

    CRATAEGUS laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’ - Nov, Queenstown

    Beautiful entrance avenue in this lovely Queenstown property…

  5. FLOWERING Manna Ash – Fraxinus ornus

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    This robust smaller growing Ash has a masses of fragrant white flower clusters mid spring. Also known as the ‘Manna Ash’ as in in early times sap was taken from this tree and provide as ‘manna’

    One of the more hardy Fraxinus species, often with a multi leader, branched head form, making it stronger for windy conditions experienced in the deep south.

    The above lovely specimen shown in Queens Park, Invercargill.

    FRAXINUS ornus (foliage) - Nov

    Masses of white fragrant flower mid-spring…

    FRAXINUS ornus 80lt - Nov

    FRAXINUS ornus Flowering or Manna Ash Tree, 80lt container at 3m+ now

    Please also enquire as to other smaller and larger sizes available.

    FRAXINUS ornus - Nov, Invercargill

    Group planting in flower this season at Donovan Park, Invercargill.

  6. ULMUS glabra ‘Pendula’ – Weeping Elm Fantastic Shade Tree 😎🍹

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    Weeping Elm Tree…

    WOW what a beautiful week of sunshine 🌞… a big change from earlier few weeks and very welcome for trees and us!

    This week has seen many requests for shade trees. This stunning tree above and below is a brilliant purpose built umbrella!

    Neat pendula semi weeping habit (can also be pruned to maintain more horizontal spreading form) with lush dark green foliage providing welcome, cool shade. Has attractive lime blossom in October prior to coming into leaf as show below.

    A fantastic, hardy lawn specimen with great purpose and character suited to many garden landscapes. Does well in Southland and Southern Central Otago Lakes area.

    ULMUS glabra 'Pendula' 135lt - Oct
    ULMUS glabra 'Pendula' (blossom) - Oct

    ULMUS glabra ‘Pendula’ 2m Std – Weeping Elm Tree, 135lt container, at 2.5m (approx 10 year old)

    Shown in leaf earlier this year as below…

    ULMUS glabra 'Pendula' 135lt - Jan
  7. SORBUS aria ‘Lutescens’ – Silver Whitebeam

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    The Silver Whitebeam is an attractive smaller to medium sized tree native to Britain & Europe has stunning new silver growth as shown below. A lovely smaller avenue tree and smaller garden tree with upright to oval form. Does prefer good drainage.

    Grows to approx 5-6m x 2-3m.

    Stunning Silver Whitebeam - SORBUS aria 'Lutescens' 35lt - Jan
    SORBUS aria 'Lutescens' (foliage) - Oct

    SORBUS aria ‘Lutescens’ Silver Whitebeam, 35/45lt grade at 2.2m+

    SORBUS aria 'Lutescens' - Oct, Southland

    Lovely older specimens shown here in established Southland garden.

  8. Deep Pink FLOWERING Crabapple 🌺

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    The Pink Flowering Crabapple is a real standout with crimson-deep pink blossom, trees very heavy in flower this season. These stunning trees do especially well in Central Otago and Southern Lakes regions as shown with these lovely street trees in Arrowtown

    A great smaller garden tree too but does prefer shelter from stronger winds. Also a real bird magnet!

    Available now in the following lovely sizes:


    MALUS ‘Ballerina Maypole’ – Red Fruiting Crabapple

    MALUS 'Ballerina Maypole' (flower) - Oct
    MALUS 'Ballerina Maypole' 25lt - Oct

    MALUS ‘Ballerina Maypole’ – Red Fruiting Crabapple,

    Attractive upright form with masses of crimson-deep pink blossom mid-October. A great tree for the smaller garden, compact avenue or street tree.

    Available now as shown above in 25lt container at 2m+


    MALUS domestica ‘Flamingo’ – Scarlet Flowering Crabapple

    MALUS domestica 'Flamingo' (flower) - Oct
    MALUS domestica 'Flamingo' 35lt - Oct

    MALUS domestica ‘Flamingo’ – Scarlet or Pink Flowering Crabapple, 

    Beautiful deep scarlet-pink blossom mid-late Oct. Lovely upright to teardrop shaped tree.

    Available now as show above in 25lt container at 2-2.5m

    Add that splash of October colour to your project! 😊

    MALUS var. - Oct, Arrowtown
  9. PRUNUS ‘Falling Snow’ ☃️

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    The White Weeping Cherry trees a real stand out in the Deep South this season (not only the rugger team 😉)

    The Prunus subhirtella ‘Falling Snow’is a popular, smaller weeping form covered in masses of white pendulous blossom as shown displaying beautifully above. Fantastic for cascading over rock walls and feature planting.

    Available in lovely instant sizes as follows:

    PRUNUS subhirtella 'Falling Snow' 80lt - Oct

    PRUNUS subhirtella ‘Falling Snow’, Weeping White Blossom, 80lt container, 1.8m std at 2.2-2.3m

    PRUNUS subhirtella 'Falling Snow' (blossom) - Oct
    PRUNUS subhirtella 'Falling Snow' 45lt - Oct

    PRUNUS subhirtella ‘Falling Snow’, Weeping White Blossom, 45lt container, 1.8m std at 2.2m

  10. FLOWERING Malus Red Jade 🌸

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    MALUS ‘Red Jade’, Flowering Weeping Crabapple, 35lt container, 1.5m Std at approx. 2.3m

    Elegant Weeping Crabapple tree providing year round interest with small blush pink buds opening to a profusion of white flowers late Sept to early October.

    Lush green foliage turns golden yellow in autumn and small, round crab apples appear, mostly red in colour with some yellow flushing.

    Grows to 3 x 3 metres in 20 years and is suited to a variety of soil types, growing particularly well in moist, well-drained conditions. Does well in Central Otago Lakes region.

    MALUS 'Red Jade' (flowers) - Oct
    MALUS 'Red Jade' (berries) - Oct

    Shown below attractively planted as a low feature border in this stunning Central Otago property.

    MALUS 'Red Jade' - Feb, Wanaka