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  1. PITTOSPORUM tenuifolium ‘Black Magic’🏏

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    WOW! what a valiant effort by the ‘Black Caps’! 🏏

    A close and well fought match…top marks to the team!

    I must say these neat Pittosporum tenuifolium Black Magic caught my eye this week following the Black Caps great effort. Stunning deep purple, aptly named ‘Black Magic’. Lovely hardy variety with tight compact form. Also cool contrasting fresh green new foliage in spring.

    Creates a striking smaller hedge or border!

    PITTOSPORUM tenuifolium 'Black Magic' 25lt - July

    PITTOSPORUM tenuifolium Black Magic’, Deep Purple Native Pittosporum25lt container at 1-1.2m

  2. 🌸 – PRUNUS – Blossoming Cherry’s

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    Hard to believe we are in the middle of winter right now… some days this week feeling so much like spring it brings on thoughts of the soon to be beautiful blossoming cherries 🌞

    These trees have a fantastic display of colour throughout the seasons including these stunning Prunus yedoensis – Yoshino Cherry shown above, in blaze of autumn colour and again in blossom below – this variety is one of our most popular flowering cherry trees.

    PRUNUS yedoensis - Wanaka, September

    Plant your Blossoming Cherries now to enjoy the full beauty and benefits of blossom display in the coming spring.


    PRUNUS ‘Mountain Haze’ – White Cloud Blossom

    PRUNUS 'Mountain Haze' 45lt - Oct
    PRUNUS Mountain Haze 45lt - April PRUNUS 'Mountain Haze' 45lt - April

    PRUNUS ‘Mountain Haze’ 1.8m Std – White Cloud blossom45lt container, 2.5m+

    This compact form blossoming cherry tree has a full white blossom creating a mass of white cloud like blaze of colour mid-September. Great selection for smaller gardens

    Lovely examples show below in Arrowtown (supplied & planted ex 80lt 3m+ grade)

    Blossoming Cherries | PRUNUS - Wanaka, April

    Also many other blossoming cherry tree varieties and colours available now – please enquire

  3. 🌲 – The Monkey Puzzle Tree 🐒🐵

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    Monkey Puzzle Tree – This unique tree, with a very unique name! 😊 sets a striking feature in the landscape. Native to Central & Southern Chile and Western Argentina. Super hardy (and apparently also Monkey proof!) this tree will tolerate full coastal winds and heavy frost.

    The name ‘Monkey Puzzle’ is said to have derived from the unique wood grain which is highly prized for wood turners. Also possibly from the fact that apparently this tree is Monkey proof!

    A fantastic tree for stately avenue, also majestic statement and memorial tree.

    Another fun fact: This tree is also known as a ‘Living Fossil’ (for their longevity) and are on the World endangered tree list – add some of these special trees to your landscape today!


    Araucaria araucana – Monkey Puzzle Tree 🐒🐵

    ARAUCARIA araucana 35lt - June
    ARAUCARIA araucana (foliage) - Jan

    ARAUCARIA araucana – Monkey Puzzle Tree, 35lt container @ 1.5m+

    (these trees are approx. 10 year old)

    ARAUCARIA araucana 35lt - June

    ARAUCARIA araucana – Monkey Puzzle, 35lt container @ 1.5m+

  4. 🌳 Liquidambar ‘GUMBALL’ 🍭 ‘Lollipop Liquidambar

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    Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Gumball’ 1.5m Std – Lollipop Liquidambar, 35lt container at 2m

    Neat newer selection of Liquidambar with unique ‘Lollipop’ compact form and blaze of colour well into autumn-winter. Photo was taken of these trees in full colour in the nursery this week.

    These beautiful established specimens displayed below showing off tight compact form. A great tree for the smaller garden and excellent smaller screening tree for courtyards.

    LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua ‘Gumball’ - Jan

    Compact lush green summer foliage above and below…

    LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua ‘Gumball’ 35lt - Jan

    Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Gumball’ 1.5m Std – Lollipop Liquidambar, 35lt container at 2m

  5. Central Otago

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    Please see our recent project video of a stunning property in Central Otago supplied with Easy Big Trees…

    This stunning Central Otago property has a selection of attractive deciduous and evergreen trees including:

     Buxus sempervirens – English Box (spheres)

    – Carpinus betulus  – English Hornbeam (hedging & specimens)

    – Chionocloa rubra – Native Tussock

    Magnolia kobus – White Flowering Magnolia

    – Prunus – Flowering Cherries

    – Sorbus aria – Whitebeam Rowan

    – Tilia platyphyllos – European Lime (pleaching and specimens)

    Central Otago Property | Easy Big Trees
    Central Otago Property | Easy Big Trees
  6. 🌴 Cordyline australis – Native Cabbage Tree – Ti Kouka (or Southern Palm)

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    These hardy native plants provide much character and texture to the landscape. Also prolific clusters of white flowers early to mid summer followed by clusters of white berries (shown in above and below photos).

    The berries provide a great source of food to bird life in early winter months.

    This season has seen exceptional flowering (which has often indicated in previous years of a tough or longer winter to come?)

    CORDYLINE australis - June, Glenorchy
    CORDYLINE australis - June, Glenorchy

    The Cordyline australis – Native Cabbage Tree – Ti Kouka (or Southern Palm) often naturally grow around the lakes edge as shown above growing around the beautiful lake Wakatipu.

    CORDYLINE australis - Rolleston

    Fantastic landscape examples shown above and below of these hardy native plants. Cordyline australis – Native Cabbage Tree – Ti Kouka (or Southern Palm) combines especially well in native plantings with Chionocloa rubra – Native Red Tussock & Phormium cookianun & tenax – Native Flax.

    We also have great grades of Chionocloa rubra – Native Red Tussock – please enquire

    CORDYLINE australis - Jan, Queenstown

    Larger instant grade Cordyline australis – Native Cabbage Tree – Ti Kouka, currently available as follows;

    CORDYLINE australis 80lt - Feb

    Cordyline australisNative Cabbage Tree – Ti Kouka80lt container, 2.2-2.5m

    CORDYLINE australis 35lt - Feb

    Cordyline australisNative Cabbage Tree – Ti Kouka, 35lt container,1.4-1.5m

    Winter 🍁 🕑 a fantastic time to plant Trees! ✔

  7. Lower Shotover

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    “Through a friend, we were referred to Easy Big Trees in Invercargill and through our several visits to their extensive nursery over more than two years, we have developed a close and friendly relationship with the staff.

    From our first visit, we identified Easy Big Trees as a business committed to presenting high quality larger size tree specimens, which we were looking for. Our experience with this company has been completely trouble free and we are happy to say that all our plantings from Easy Big Trees are growing extremely well!

    We are pleased to commend this tree nursery supplier as both competent and reliable.”


    Please see our recent project video of a stunning property in Central Otago supplied with Easy Big Trees…

    This stunning Central Otago property has a selection of attractive deciduous and evergreen trees including;

    A selection of Native Trees & Plants including, Nothofagus – Native Beech, PittosporumPodocarpus – Totara, Pseudopanax – Native Five finger & Lancewood, Sophora – Native Kowhai

    Exotic Deciduous & Evergreens including, Acers – Ornamental Canadian & Japanese Maples, Arbutus – Strawberry Tree, Azara – Evergreen Vanilla Tree, Cedrus – Evergreen Himalayan Cedar, Gleditsia – Honey Locust, Liquidambar – Sweet gum, Malus – Flowering Crabapple, Prunus – Flowering Cherries & Prunus lusitanica – Evergreen Portuguese Laurel, Ulmus ‘Louis van Houtte’ – Golden Elm

    Central Otago Property | Easy Big Trees
  8. Mica Ridge, Millbrook

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    Lovely residential plantings on a classy property in Millbrook Golf Resort, Arrowtown, showing a lovely selection of both native and exotic species. From the sculpted Prunus lusitanica hedging and Flowering Cherry Blossom, Malus – Crab-apple and Evergreen Magnolia Blanchard to hardy Griselinia – Native Broadleaf complimented with Chionocloa rubra – Native Red Tussock and Hebe. All set majestically within the stunning Queenstown alpine landscape.

    Let us help you create your own instant, magic landscape today!

  9. TAXODIUM distichum – Swamp Cypress 🌳

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    TAXODIUM distichum – A majestic tree with striking crimson to russet-red autumn colour. One of the few deciduous coniferous trees, native to South-Eastern United States.

    Hardy tree, an excellent specimen or group planting tree for colour and also suits many soil types and damper sites including pond or lake edge plantings. New spring foliage is lush green.

    This beautiful example photographed in the lovely Queenstown Gardens.

    TAXODIUM distichum - Queenstown, May

    Fiery Russet-Red Autumnal Colour!


    TAXODIUM distichum – Deciduous Swamp Cypress

    TAXODIUM distichum 80lt - May

    TAXODIUM distichum, Deciduous Swamp Cypress (shown in current full autumn colour) 80lt container at approx. 2.5m+