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  1. COLOUR’S of the Seasons… NEW Video 🍃🍂🍁😯

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    After last week’s roaring 40’s weather conditions the lovely still mild autumn weather has returned this week 😊

    A great time to plant with the still warm soil conditions and moisture in ground.

    We have included a ‘Colours of the Seasons’ video this week showing the beautiful changes of colour in trees included in some of beautiful clients projects.

    Some of these beautiful autumn colour trees include as follows:


    LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua ‘Worplesdon’ – Sweet Gum

    LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua 'Worplesdon' 80lt - March
    LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua 'Worplesdon' 80lt - April

    LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua ‘Worplesdon’ – The Autumn Colour King!

    This beautiful tree is one of our most popular and sought after trees. A fantastic tree for Central Otago & Southern Lakes, providing a display of brilliant autumn colour (shown in summer and autumn colour to right)

    Currently available now as follows:

    – 35/45lt container at 2.5m+
    – 60lt container at 3m+


    TILIA platyphyllos – European Lime Tree

    TILIA platyphyllos 80lt - Feb
    TILIA platyphyllos 80lt - April

    TILIA platyphyllosEuropean Lime Tree

    Great specimen trees shown well in avenue planting in video above. Lovely cool lime green foliage in summer changing to gold in autumn. Also excellent for pleached avenues.

    Currently available now as follows:

    – 35/45lt container at 2.5-3m
    – 80lt container at 3.5-4m
    – 135lt container at 4m+


    CARPINUS betulus – English Hornbeam

    CARPINUS betulus 35/45lt - Feb
    CARPINUS betulus 35/45lt - May

    CARPINUS betulusEnglish Hornbeam

    Very popular hedging especially for Central Otago & Southern Lakes where it shows off its stunning autumn colour and lovely lush green summer foliage. Clips to a tight hedge at 1m – 3m+. Great cold hardy tree and quick growing. Also makes a great specimen tree.

    Currently available now as follows:

    – 8lt container at 1.3m
    – 35/45lt container at 2-2.5m
    – 60lt container at 3m+

  2. 🌳 Winter FLOWERING 🌸 – CAMELLIA ‘Setsugekka’

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    Flowering Camellia – A rather rough week in the deep south with up to 120 kmph winds and horizontal rain! Our trees & shrubs are a hardy bunch! 😊

    The  Camellia Setsugekka provide a welcome splash of colour during the winter months with their cheerful white flower. These create a neat compact Std as shown above (please excuse the scaffolds!) and also a great hedge. Lovely dark green foliage that trims well.

    Treat yourself (and your garden! 😊to these lovely established plants as follows:

    CAMELLIA ‘Setsugekka’ 0.8m Std – White Flowering Camellia

    CAMELLIA 'Setsugekka' 35lt Stds - May

    CAMELLIA ‘Setsugekka’ 0.8m Std White Flowering Camellia – cheerful winter colour! 

    35lt container, now at 1.3m+ – also taller Stds available

    Winter Flowering CAMELLIA 'Setsugekka' - June (White Flowering Camellia)

    Fantastic formal entrance in flower

    CAMELLIA 'Setsugekka' (flower) - May
    CAMELLIA 'Setsugekka' 25lt - May

    CAMELLIA ‘Setsugekka’ White Camellia – cheerful winter colour!

    25/35lt container, now at 1.5m+


    Autumn 🍁 natures planting 🕑 a fantastic time to plant trees! ✔

  3. Stunning Upright Hornbeam, CARPINUS betulus ‘Fastigiata’

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    This lovely English/European Upright Hornbeam tree has a neat upright form well suited to entranceways, avenues and also street plantings as shown in this stunning Cardrona Village setting above.

    Medium to quick growing and also hardy to cold and dry. Colouring up brilliant gold and maintaining a neat, compact habit – a real winner and aesthetically pleasing for many settings.

    Well suited for Central Otago and Southern Lakes Districts and many other areas of NZ.

    CARPINUS betulus 'Fastigiata' 35lt - April
    CARPINUS betulus 'Fastigiata' 35lt - Jan

    CARPINUS betulus ‘Fastigiata’Upright Hornbeam Tree, 35/45lt container @ 2.5-3m

    Above showing autumnal colour to left and lush green summer foliage to right.


    Autumn 🍁 natures planting 🕑 a fantastic time to plant Trees! ✔

    Did you know we supply a wide range of trees & shrubs? from specimen deciduous trees 🍁flowering 🌸 trees & shrubs 🌺 topiary 🌳 evergreen trees & shrubs 🌲 and a massive range of native trees & shrubs 🌴 and many more…

  4. RATA’S Tree of the Week – ACER palmatum – Japanese Maple 🍁

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    This magnificent Japanese Maple tree is a blaze of colour right now. Changing from deep green – gold to a blaze of fiery red as shown in this stunning example above in Arrowtown.

    A fantastic smaller to medium sized tree well suited to many garden designs. Prefers shelter from strong winds and also strong sunlight on trunks.

    A real autumn colour show piece!


    ACER palmatum – Japanese Maple

    ACER palmatum (foliage) - April
    ACER palmatum 80lt - April

    ACER palmatum, Japanese Maple, 80lt container at 3.5m+

    (to note our Rata is a guide to show scale/size of tree. All heights noted are measured from top of the bag)

    … also available in 45lt root pouch at 2.5m

    The lovely Acer palmatum also comes in a variety of forms including these lovely weeping variety – Acer Viridis and below the ever popular Acer Bloodgood – Deep Red-Purple Maple


    ACER palmatum dissectum ‘Viridis’ – Weeping Japanese Maple

    ACER palmatum dissectum 'Viridis' - April, Ashburton

    Currently available in the following size:

    ACER palmatum dissectum ‘Viridis 1m Std, Weeping Japanese Maple Tree, 25lt container at 1.5m


    ACER palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ – Deep Red Japanese Maple

    ACER palmatum 'Bloodgood' - April

    Currently available in the following size:

    ACER palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ – Deep Red Japanese Maple, 35lt container at 2-2.3m


    Have you seen our recent AUTUMN colour video?
    -this video includes footage of our lovely ACER palmatum trees in the nursery…

  5. AUTUMN Video Update 🍁 – check out recent colour footage! 🌲 😍

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    Wow another amazing week of stunning autumn colour and lovely still autumn weather…

    Our drone team have been busy this week in the nursery and visiting some of our clients stunning properties, filming the beautiful autumn colour … We would like to share this with you in this short video above

    Autumn is a great time to plant trees, with trees top growth becoming more dormant yet ground still warm. This provides root establishment prior to winter, giving your trees a head start coming into spring.

  6. AUTUMN 🍁 a fantastic TIME to plant TREES! 😍🌲

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    Our Hardy Large Grade Trees are really showing their colours now, a beautiful time of the year!

    This magnificent avenue of Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Worplesdon’ in all its autumn finery shown above

    Also a fantastic time to plant trees & shrubs. Please find this selection of stunning autumn colour trees to provide fantastic colour and value to your property as follows:

    Autumn Colour Trees - April

    Let us help you create your own beautiful landscape with hardy large grade trees, as shown at this stunning Central Otago property supplied & planted 8-10 years ago.

    Magnificent setting including Acers – Norway & Japanese Maples, Fagus – English & Copper Beech, Quercus – Scarlet & Pin Oaks, Salix – Weeping Willow, Sorbus – Rowan, Tilia – Lime Trees & Ulmus – Elm.


    ACER platanoides – Norway Maple

    ACER platanoides 45lt - April

    ACER platanoides Norway Maple, 45lt container at 3m now

    A beautiful Maple, Native to Norway. Larger maple leaf colouring up deep gold and sometimes amber red in autumn. Lovely hardy tree well suited to dry and cold. Does well in Central Otago and Southern Lakes region

    Also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here


    ACER rubrum var. – Stunning Canadian Maple

    ACER rubrum (foliage) - April
    ACER rubrum 200lt - April

    ACER rubrum varCanadian Maple, 200lt container at 4.5m+

    The very popular Canadian Maple with stunning, brilliant red autumn colour. Also well suited to dry and cold but does prefer some shelter from strong winds. Does well in Central Otago and Southern Lakes region

    Also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here


    FAGUS sylvatica – English Beech

    FAGUS sylvatica 80lt - April

    FAGUS sylvatica – English Beech, 80lt container at 3m+

    Another beautiful tree with deep gold autumn colour. Well suited as a specimen tree and also lovely hedge. Retaining some copper bronze foliage during winter.

    Also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here


    FAGUS sylvatica ‘Purpurea – Copper Beech

    FAGUS sylvatica 'Purpurea' 80lt - April

    FAGUS sylvatica ‘Purpurea’ Copper Beech, 80lt container at 3m+

    The lovely Copper Colour form of English Beech also colouring up lovely amber to gold in autumn. Creates an attractive specimen and also great formal hedge.

    Also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here


    LIQUIDAMBER var. ‘Autumn Colour King’

    LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua 'Lane Roberts' 200lt - April
    LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua Worplesdon 35lt - April

    LIQUIDAMBER styraciflua ‘Lane Roberts’ – Liquidamber, 200lt container at 5m+

    LIQUIDAMBER styraciflua ‘Worplesdon’ – Select form Liquidamber, 35/45lt container at 2.5m

    The ‘Autumn Colour King’ a real winner and magnificent avenue tree as shown in stunning example at top of blog

    Both of these varieties are also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here


    LIRIODENDRON tulipifera – Tulip Tree

    LIRIODENDRON tulipifera 80lt - April
    LIRIODENDRON tulipifera (foliage) - April

    LIRIODENDRON tulipifera – Tulip Tree, 80lt container at 4m

    also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here

    Beautiful tree with buttery gold autumn colour. Also a very dry tolerant tree well suited to Central Otago and Canterbury. Lovely pyramidal form and reasonably quick grower.


    PRUNUS yedoensis ‘Shidare Yoshino’ – Weeping Cherry

    PRUNUS yedoensis 'Perpendens' 135lt - April

    PRUNUS yedoensis ‘Shidare Yoshino’ 1.8m Std – Weeping Blossoming Cherry, 135lt container at 2.8m

    The beautiful Prunus – Flowering or Blossoming Cherry is also a real standout in autumn. These stunning trees provide a mix of vibrant autumn colour from deep amber-gold through to scarlet crimson. Then a beautiful display of blossom in spring! 😍

    also available in other varieties and sizes – please enquire here


    QUERCUS coccinea – Scarlet Oak

    QUERCUS coccinea (foliage) - April
    QUERCUS coccinea 35/45lt - April

    QUERCUS coccinea – Scarlet Oak, 35/45lt container at 2.5m+

    also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here

    The Scarlet & Pin Oaks provide one of the strongest and prolonged autumn colour displays of vibrant red-scarlet. Also dry hardy and well suited for Central Otago, Southern Lakes and Canterbury North.


    SORBUS aria – Whitebeam or Silver Rowan

    SORBUS aria 45lt - April
    SORBUS aria (foliage) - April

    SORBUS aria – Whitebeam or Silver Rowan, 35/45lt container at 2.5m+

    Beautiful rich gold to amber autumn colour. Hardy tree well tolerant to a wide range of conditions

    also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here


    TILIA platyphyllos – European Lime

    TILIA platyphyllos 80lt - April

    TILIA platyphyllos – European Lime, 80lt container at 3.5-4m

    Very popular European tree colouring up rich gold in autumn. Also very popular for pleaching and creates a lovely shade tree. Some amazing specimens in to be seen in Central Christchurch

    also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here


    ULMUS hollandica ‘Lobel’ – Hardy Upright Elm

    ULMUS hollandica 'Lobel' 80lt - April

    ULMUS hollandica ‘Lobel’ Hardy Upright Elm, 80lt container at 4m+

    One of the hardiest specimens of our hardy large grade trees, shown to do very well in recent dry periods and also tolerates a wide range of conditions including semi coastal. A standout avenue or street tree with glorious gold autumn colour!

    also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here

  7. AUTUMN Colours coming through now 🍁…A selection of the team looking great as follows 😍

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    Great Autumn Colour Trees - ACER palmatum 80lt - April
    ACER palmatum 'Scolopendrifolium' (foliage) - April

    ACER palmatum Japanese Maple, 80lt container at 3.5m

    also available –  45lt root pouch at 2.5m

    Great Autumn Colour Trees are now starting to show their blaze of autumn colour… a beautiful time of year and GREAT time to plant TREES! 🍁 😍 🌲 

    The above ACER palmatum varieties – Japanese Maples also showing flower this year which adds interest and a splash of colour. The Japanese Maples are an excellent smaller tree for autumn colour display where space maybe limited.


    FRAXINUS excelsior ‘Purple Spire’ – Purple Ash

    FRAXINUS excelsior 'Purple Spire' (foliage) - March
    Purple Ash Tree - FRAXINUS excelsior 'Purple Spire' 80lt - April

    FRAXINUS excelsior ‘Purple Spire’ – Purple Ash, 80lt container at 4m

    also available – 45lt root pouch at 2.5m+

    This beautiful English Ash selection has an attractive upright form with golden to deep purple autumn colour. Also dry hardy, a great tree for Central Otago and Canterbury. Also the Claret Ash another ever popular tree with stunning Claret early autumn colour.


    FRAXINUS oxycarpa ‘Raywoodii’ – Claret Ash

    FRAXINUS oxycarpa 'Raywoodii' 80lt, April

    FRAXINUS oxycarpa ‘Raywoodii’– Claret Ash, 80lt container at 4m+

    also available – 35/45lt container at 3m+


    ILEX aquifolium ‘Handsworth New Silver Std – Silver Margined Holly

    ILEX aquifolium ‘Handsworth New Silver’ 80lt - April
    ILEX aquifolium ‘Handsworth New Silver’ (foliage) - April

    ILEX aquifolium ‘Handsworth New Silver – Silver Margined Holly, 80lt container at 2.5-3m

    Not only the deciduous looking fantastic, these stunning Silver Ilex looking sharp with their deep red berries.


    PLATANUS acerifolia – London Plane

    PLATANUS acerifolia 45lt - April

    PLATANUS acerifolia London Plane, 45lt root pouch at 2.5-3m

    also available – 80lt container at 3.5m

    The majestic London Plane with larger leaf, colouring up deep gold


    PRUNUS yedoensis ‘Shidare Yoshino ‘ – Yoshino Cherry

    PRUNUS yedoensis 'Perpendens' 135lt - April
    PRUNUS yedoensis 'Perpendens' (foliage) - March

    PRUNUS yedoensis ‘Shidare Yoshino’Yoshino Weeping Cherry, 135lt container at 2.5-2.8m

     also available – 45lt container at 2.2m

    The Prunus – Flowering Cherry are also a fantastic tree for colour as displayed brilliantly above.


    QUERCUS robur – English Oak

    QUERCUS robur (foliage) - April
    QUERCUS robur 135lt - April

    QUERCUS robur English Oak, 135lt container at 3.5-4m

    also available – 35/45lt container at 2.5-3m

    The majestic English Oak, a blaze of gold early autumn. Hardy, well suited to Southland through to Central Otago, Canterbury and North.


    ULMUS parvifolia ‘Frontier’ – Vibrant Autumn Colour

    Chinese Hybrid Elm - ULMUS parvifolia 'Frontier' 45lt - April
    ULMUS parvifolia 'Frontier' (foliage) - April

    ULMUS parvifolia ‘Frontier’Chinese Elm 45lt container at 35/45lt

    also available – 80lt container at 4m+

    A lovely newer selection of Chinese Elm colouring up deep red through to purple. A great dry hardy tree well suited for avenues and street plantings

  8. THE Whitebeam or SILVER Rowan – SORBUS aria

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    Common Whitebeam Tree – A lovely hardy tree Native to Britain. Does very well in cool and dry. Attractive dark green to silver foliage with full golden to crimson berry display mid-late autumn lasting into winter.

    These lovely older trees in photos shown, looking great in beautiful Arrowtown. Soon to colour up deep gold and amber.

    Very hardy street or avenue tree also withstanding coastal wind. Well suited for avenues and specimen planting in the Deep South, from Invercargill to Central Otago and further North.

    Whitebeam Tree - SORBUS aria - March, Arrowtown

    SORBUS aria – Whitebeam or Silver Rowan

    SORBUS aria (berries) - March
    SORBUS aria (leaves) - March

    Showing mid-sized berries coloring up deep gold and amber, lasting into winter. Also stunning autumn colour tones.

    SORBUS aria 80lt - March

    SORBUS aria – Whitebeam, 80lt container at 3m+

    SORBUS aria 1000lt - March
    Harrisons Heritage Range - SORBUS aria 1000lt - June

    SORBUS aria – Common Whitebeam Tree, 1000lt container at 5-6m+

  9. HARDY Large leaf Native Ake-Ake – OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’

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    This Hardy Native Ake Ake, shrub or small tree has this darker green leather-like foliage and super hardy for coastal and windy sites. Is a select form native to Kaikoura, NZ. Will also withstand frost.

    Attractive flakey trunk and amazingly beautifully scented fragrant flowers mid-late summer. A lovely structural plant or small tree.

    OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’ (bark) – Jan
    OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’ – Jan

    Beautifully sweet, fragrant flowers mid-late summer – also in flower now. Creates a stunning fragrance that drifts through the garden… 

    OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’ (flower) – March

    Available now in lovely chunky 35lt 1.5m+ grades as follows…

    OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’ 35lt – March

    OLEARIA paniculata ‘Kaikoura’ – Larger leaf Native Ake Ake, 35lt container, 1.5m+

  10. GREAT Formal Hedging! – PODOCARPUS totara – Native Totara

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    Great Formal Hedging – Our very own Podocarpus totara Native Totara creates a magnificent formal hedge very similar in looks to the English Yew. The above and below beautiful examples shown of Broadfield Gardens, Lincoln, Canterbury. This fantastic award winning garden is well worth a visit and is an amazing world class garden example – a true asset to NZ.

    This very resilient plant that clips well and also stock resistant. Available in a range of colours from bronze, gold and lush green. Choose our own Native Totara today for your great formal hedging  plant a legacy!

    PODOCARPUS totara - Canterbury

    Also creates a lovely specimen avenue as shown below:

    PODOCARPUS totara - Canterbury

    Great Looking INSTANT Hedging sizes available now

    PODOCARPUS totara 35lt - March
    PODOCARPUS totara 35lt - Jan

    PODOCARPUS totara – Native Totara with Bronze foliage, 35lt container at 2-2.5m

    Also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here


    PODOCARPUS totara ‘Hallii’ – Native Halls Totara

    PODOCARPUS totara 'Hallii'' 35lt- Jan

    PODOCARPUS totara ‘Hallii’ Native Halls Totara with lush green foliage, 35lt container at 1.8m+

    Also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here


    PODOCARPUS totara ‘Aurea’ – Native Golden Totara

    PODOCARPUS totara 'Aurea' 60lt - Jan

    POPOCARPUS totara ‘Aurea’Golden Totara60lt container at 2-2.5m

    Also available in smaller & larger sizes – please enquire here