QUERCUS palustris – Pin Oak

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Pin Oak

Found around the rivers, lakes and swamps of North America, the Pin Oak (otherwise known as the ‘Swamp Oak’) is a remarkable tree. Native Americans would use its bark as an insect repellent while its hardwood makes for a hearty fire. It also has the most unusually attractive foliage. It’s deeply cut, with these pointed lobes that give the impression the leaf is trying to reach out in multiple directions, away from the stem. Bright green in spring, they turn to wonderful shades of coppery russet and fiery red in autumn. These are the leaves that produce the most satisfying crunch underfoot as winter moves in. Quercus palustris has proven popular for its ability to adapt to the environment and is widely used in street and avenue plantings, where its ability to tolerate root-restricted areas such as car parks and courtyards is prized. The neat pyramidal form of this deciduous marvel will reach 8 x 6.

Suitable for: Avenue and street planting, car parks and courtyards.

Features: Neat pyramidal form and beautiful autumn colour.

Botanical Name: QUERCUS palustris