QUERCUS cerris – Turkey Oak

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Turkey Oak

Introduced into the UK in the 1700’s, the Turkey Oak is faster growing than its native English cousins and has been taking over the countryside for a few centuries (which is really only a generation for the oak). The leaves are quite curious to the touch, being shiny in appearance from the top but almost felt-like underneath, making them both rough and soft. Their colour changes from a rich green to copper in Autumn, gloriously displayed on a spreading pyramidal form. Some of those leaves will last through winter, depending on the environment. They are remarkably hardy and the most comfortable of any oak by the coast. The Turkey Oak will grow to 10 x 6m and get there considerably quicker than its English relatives.

Suitable for: Avenues, laneways, shelter, specimen and woodland plantings.

Features: The most coastal-hardy oak.

Botanical Name: QUERCUS cerris