KUNZEA ericoides 80lt - May
KUNZEA ericoides (flower) - DecKUNZEA ericoides 35lt - MayKUNZEA ericoides 12-14lt - JanKUNZEA ericoides 14lt - Oct

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KUNZEA ericoides – NZ Native Kanuka

Product Description

NZ Native Kanuka

Smaller native tree with fine honey-scented foliage. Showy-white flowers early spring to summer. Blight resistant. Great for native screening and re-vegetation tolerating cold and exposed conditions. Hardy, evergreen, grows to 5 x 3m.

Suitable for: Native screening and re-vegetation.

Features: Honey-scented foliage, attractive small white flowers in spring/summer.

Botanical Name: KUNZEA ericoides 

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