LIRIODENDRON tulipifera – Tulip Tree

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Tulip Tree

Made famous by John Tredascant the Younger (an intrepid plant hunter in the 1600’s), it’s a native of North America, where one tree in the Smokey Mountains has reached a staggering 58.49 metres. For us, the appeal is in the unique four-lobed leaves. They stand as a mark of uniqueness and it’s as if the end has been cut off, so the leaf itself resembles a dove. This is the talking point of the Tulip Tree. That is, until it matures and yellow shaped tulip flowers begin to appear over summer. Those wonderful leaves will turn from a medium green to buttery-yellow in Autumn. The Tulip Tree is ideal as a specimen or for use in park, street or avenue planting. Grows to 10 x 5m.

Suitable for: Parks, street and avenue planting.

Features: Unique tulip-or dove-shaped leaf, pyramidal form, and good autumn colour.

Botanical Name: LIRIODENDRON tulipifera