FRAXINUS excelsior ‘Green Glow’ – English Ash (select form)

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Select Form ‘English Ash’

Prized for its hard wood, which is often used in tools and sport handles, or furniture, the English Ash is probably very pleased to find itself in New Zealand. Back in England, they are suffering from Ash Dieback Disease, with numbers dropping. Here in NZ, they thrive, with a beautiful lime green to their large leaves. Upright and columnar, the leaves yellow before dropping Autumn, revealing a smooth, pale brown bark. This compact form is excellent as an avenue, street or specimen tree, growing to 8 x 4m.

Suitable for: Street and avenue planting, group or specimen.

Features: Compact upright form, lush lime-green foliage.

Botanical Name: FRAXINUS excelsior Green Glow