ARBUTUS unedo – Irish Strawberry Tree

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Irish Strawberry Tree

There is nothing to dislike about the Irish strawberry. The cinnamon-brown shedding bark is a suitably attractive foundation for the dark green foliage, which grows into a crown high above the ground when mature. Small flowers in creamy clusters emerge in Autumn. They’ll turn into the attractive red strawberry-like fruit, which is irresistible to the eye and any passing birds beaks. Those fruits will take a year to ripen and can be eaten, although their taste is much blander than their appearance would suggest. The Irish Strawberry makes for an attractive specimen tree or can be used in avenue and street plantings. It’s hardy and will grow to 4m.

Suitable for: Street planting, coastal planting, screening.

Features: Attractive bark, white flowers, red fruit in autumn.

Botanical Name: ARBUTUS unedo