ACER palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ – Red Japanese Maple

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Red Japanese Maple

It might be native to China, Korea and Japan but the name is undoubtedly American. Introduced to the United States just before WW2, the name actually has nothing to do with colour. Rather, it is named after the Bloodgood Nursery in Long Island, New York, where it was developed. That stunning burgundy colour is present for the growing season before turning a more vibrant crimson in Autumn. It has a small, graceful presence. This makes it ideal in smaller gardens for courtyards. It can handle the cold and will grow relatively quickly, to 4m.

Suitable for: Courtyards, group or specimen plantings in sheltered areas.

Features: Fine deep red–purple foliage in summer.

Botanical Name: ACER palmatum Bloodgood