Attracts Birds

  • Attracts Bellbirds

    Attracts Bellbirds (40)

    Bellbirds diet usually consists of nectar, although they will also feed on berries and fruits. They feed their young chicks insects. Popular trees of bellbirds are the native Kowhai and flowering Cherry varieties.
  • Attracts Blackbirds

    Attracts Blackbirds (17)

    Blackbirds usually feed on worms, slugs, and snails, although they are attracted to some berry bearing trees. They particularly like the native Coprosma berries. Spray free gardens will have more insects for blackbirds to feed on.
  • Attracts Ducks

    Attracts Ducks (10)

    Ducks like to feed on nuts and especially acorns in your backyard. Your best chance of attracting them to these trees would be to place them near a pond, although this isn’t always necessary.
  • Attracts Fantails

    Attracts Fantails (21)

    These friendly little birds feed on insects. Plant these trees and you will soon have Fantails happily flitting about your garden catching insect’s mid-air.
  • Attracts Finches

    Attracts Finches (6)

    Finches feed on low lying or fallen seeds and berries. Trees with branches low to the ground usually suit these birds.
  • Attracts Sparrows

    Attracts Sparrows (8)

    Sparrows diet is similar to that of finches – mainly seeds, although also fruit. Sparrows also feed on insects, although they only make up a small proportion of their diet.
  • Attracts Thrushes

    Attracts Thrushes (17)

    Thrushes usually feed on insects such as worms, slugs, and snails, although they are attracted to a few berry-bearing trees. Spray free gardens will have more insects for these birds.
  • Attracts Tuis

    Attracts Tuis (47)

    These birds are generally attracted to trees with nectar holding flowers, although they also like berries and fruit.
  • Attracts Waxeyes

    Attracts Waxeyes (44)

    Waxeyes diet is similar to that of the native Tui and Bellbird, being attracted to trees with nectar bearing flowers. They also like soft fruit such as cherries, apricots and berries.
  • Attracts Wood-Pigeons

    Attracts Wood-Pigeons (49)

    Wood pigeons mainly feed on berries and fruit, and foliage when there are few berries available. Wood pigeons/Kereru are more likely to be attracted to urban areas with larger trees in your garden.