NZ Native Trees Workshop

In early 2008, concerned Bluff residents gathered to discuss the lack of new growth on Bluff Hill. A walk through the forest would usually be met with the reassuring sight of new growth, along with birdsong and obvious signs of wildlife. Both were missing. The beauty of the forest was waning. It was in ill health and action was needed.

The Bluff Hill Motupohue Environment Trust was formed to take the much needed action. And they have, with over 50 community-led projects aiding the protection or restoration of the forest in the years following. 

Bluff Hill Motupohue Environment Trust team learning about NZ Native Trees with Easy Big Trees team.

We welcomed the team to the nursery recently for a workshop, sharing our insights and experience for managing native plants and trees. The material covered how to manage disease and pests, watering systems, advice on growing mixes, planting tips and tricks, soil management, and how to propagate different native species.

Chris and Sam from Easy Big Trees & Bluff Hill Motupohue Environment Trust team

As a 4th generation family business, we’ve learnt a few things about natives. But we’re not particularly precious about those learnings and would rather share our tips and tricks, rather than keep them secret. In fact, we’d be happy to tell you all of them too. So, if your landscaping team or business would like to spend time at the nursery, learning about our trees and plants, we can do that. Just message us and we’ll take it from there. 

In the meantime, we should bring your attention to a native that, come Summer, is full of billowing flowers of gentle beauty…

CARPODETUS serratus - NZ Native Marble Leaf

With its graceful and layered weeping form, this small native somehow balances the tough appearance of the small serrated leaves with their prominent veins, with the delicateness of small, white flowers that emerge in Summer. A popular medium hardy ornamental native.

– Ideal for streetscape, specimen and group planting
– Evergreen, will grow up to 5m

Photo: CARPODETUS serratus – NZ Native Marble Leaf, in 80L container, 2m+ height, 7 years old.

CARPODETUS serratus - NZ Native Marble Leaf in Queenstown streetscapes, recently supplied by Easy Big Trees.

Finally, we should add that a great place to see this particular native is the Shirt Tail Track, near Kingston. It’s a 60-90 minute tramp of quite challenging difficulty, but the rewards are plentiful, with lots of flowering examples of the NZ Native Marble Leaf. There’s also a waterfall and quite splendid views of Lake Wakatipu to be enjoyed. 

Two nice closeup pictures of Carpodetus serratus, NZ Native Marble Leaf flowers
Testimonial from Kay, client from Christchurch