NEW Autumn Nursery Flyover and Team Photo 🍁 – 12th April 2021

We took the opportunity to get a new Team photo while we had the drone in the air.

The friendly Team @ Easy Big Trees

Andrew – Production & Tree CareTed – Nursery MaintenanceWarren – Production & SalesSimon – Production & Tree CareJoel – Production & Tree Care, Chris – Tree Care & Director, Barney – Sales & Client CareRyland – Dispatch Manager, Brandon – Marketing & SalesLinda – Administration & Sales, Aliza – Sales & Tree Care, Matthew – Small Plant Production.  Absent: Kerri – Tree Care

Autumn is a great time to wander around the nursery with the colour of the trees constantly changing. We thought that you would all enjoy a brief look at the environment that we work in and enjoy.

Autumn – a great time to plant

Wishing you all well and look forward to helping with your project.