About our Cartoons ✍🏻

Easy Big Trees Team - Character

You may have noticed the addition of a number of cartoon drawings recently.  Apart from it being decidedly easier to get a cartoon produced than it is to get the team together for photography, it’s also a bit of fun.  Especially when Malcolm Evans is the person wielding the pencil. 

Malcolm is arguably best known for Edna, the longest running rural cartoon in New Zealand.  Edna has never uttered a single word, yet the character in her signature spotted frock has certainly spoken to Kiwis, starting in the 1960’s and continuing to today.  She’s funny and not scared to make a point.  You don’t mess with rural women like Edna.

Cartoons - Team Individual Collage

Now, the more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a few new faces amongst the caricature crowd.  Which means we really should introduce them properly.

Garry - Character

First up is Gary.

Garry came to us about the middle of last year. Brandon’s brother and the brawn in the team.  If it involves heavy machinery or heavy lifting then Garry is our man.  Driving trucks, diggers and generally doing things we thought not possible or might need two people – that’s Garry’s job.  A real all-rounder of many skills who can turn his hand to anything…and turn any lid we thought might be stuck fast. 

In his spare time, Garry enjoys fishing with his wife, diving and hunting.  Where we suspect he wrestles trophy stags with his bare hands.

Next is Jane. She has been with us close to a year now!

Before joining the team, Jane managed a Dairy Farm in Canterbury.  No doubt the fragrances of the workplace are a little nicer now.  Although, on a hot day in Southland when the team works up a sweat…

The genesis of many plants in the nursery is the Prophouse.  This is where experience, knowledge and Jane’s careful hands are used to propagate small plants.  The very same care and attention is applied to planting out young stock in the field, making sure the plants get the possible start in life.

Jane - Character