SOPHORA microphylla 35lt - Jan
SOPHORA microphylla - Jan, CromwellSOPHORA microphylla 80lt - JulySOPHORA microphylla - Sept, WanakaSOPHORA microphylla 25lt - DecSOPHORA microphylla 45lt - JanSOPHORA microphylla - AugustSOPHORA microphylla 80lt - Jan

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SOPHORA microphylla – NZ Native Fine-Leaved Kowhai

Product Description

NZ Native Fine-Leaved Kowhai

Compact fine-leaved NZ native kowhai often with an attractive divaricating semi-weeping habit. Produce clusters of smaller bell-shaped golden flowers late spring. Attractive hardy native tree. Hardy, semi-deciduous depending on severity of winter, grows to 4 x 2m.

Suitable for: Attracts birds (native), group plantings

Features: Attractive divaricating foliage, small golden bell-shaped flowers late spring

Botanical Name: SOPHORA microphylla

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