SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum – Giant Wellingtonia Redwood

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Giant Wellingtonia Redwood

The oldest version of this Redwood giant is thought to be up to 2,700 years old. They appear pyramidal, with a large tapering trunk and almost glaucous foliage. The leaves are needle like, scaly and sharp, whilst that trunk is the very definition of reddish brown. This is a noble tree that gently demands your respect. And your gaze, as you take in its beautiful appearance. Evergreen, they retain their splendour and are perfect for laneways, specimen planting or use as a shelter. As expected, they are hardy and will grow to 8 x 4m.

Suitable for: Avenues and laneways, shelter and specimen planting

Features: Large tapering trunk and compact pyramidal form

Botanical Name: SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum