Native Lemonwood - PITTOSPORUM eugenioides 80lt - Feb
PITTOSPORUM eugenoides PB28 - NovPITTOSPORUM eugenoides - OamaruPITTOSPORUM eugenoides PB40 - JanPITTOSPORUM eugenoides - 35lt - Feb

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PITTOSPORUM eugenioides – Native Lemonwood

Product Description

Native Lemonwood or Tarata

A medium-sized quick-growing tree or shrub with lime-green oval leaves that give a sweet lemon fragrance. Forms a hardy quick-growing hedge or screen, also makes an attractive street tree. Evergreen, grows to 5 x 3m.

Suitable for: Group planting, hedging and screening, street tree.

Features: Attractive lime-green foliage

Botanical Name: PITTOSPORUM eugenioides


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