Well here goes our new look…

We’re always acutely aware of the seasons.  Looking out the window or walking the nursery grounds, it would be possible to discern from the plants what time of year it is.  Maybe not to the week.  But we could make a pretty good guess at the month. 

So we’re constantly surrounded by change.  Yet, we ourselves resist it for the most part.  This is a family company, founded on family values and that’s never going to change.  Neither will our devotion to customer service.  And certainly our passion for growing and supplying the very best trees and plants will never falter. 

However, some change is inevitable.  Our trees may enhance a landscape but our logo was beginning to look a little lost in the digital landscape of today.  A change was needed. 

The new Easy Big Trees logo is fresher.  It’s modern and more attuned to the landscapes it’ll find itself in (digital, print etc).  The different sized trees are there to represent growth.  Both a nod to the growth experienced from the original 5 team members to today’s team of 15.  Also, to the sometimes missed fact we supply small trees too.

As for the Harrisons Heritage collection logo, that has always used the signature of our founder, Richmond Harrison.  We didn’t want to mess with that.  But after over 100 years we figured a small update would be ok.  So we’ve done just that.

Spring catalogue

We’ll begin phasing in the new logos over the next few months.

We do hope you like the new looks.  Especially as we don’t plan on making any more changes to it for at least another generation (or two)!