GREAT Screening & Hedging – HARDY Portuguese Laurel

Portugal Laurel - PRUNUS lusitanica Hedge - Jan, Queenstown

The very popular Portugal Laurel – Prunus lusitanica as shown above and below makes a fantastic hedge with its lovely dark green foliage and dense growth providing excellent privacy. Also creates a great border and garden backdrop.

Our most popular & hardy evergreen, grows especially well in Queenstown & Wanaka Lakes district. Hardy to frost and dry.

PRUNUS lusitanica Hedge - Jan, Queenstown

Beautiful garden setting in Queenstown area

Also creates a lovely pleached or standardized topiary

Standard Portuguese Laurels - PRUNUS lusitanica Std - Nov - Portuguese Laurel Std

Lovely Large Sizes available now looking great!

PRUNUS lusitanica 35lt - Jan

PRUNUS lusitanica, Portugal Laurel, 35lt container at 1.3 to 1.4m now

PRUNUS lusitanica 35lt - Jan

PRUNUS lusitanicaPortuguese Laurel, 35lt container now

Lovely LARGE – PRUNUS lusitanica – Portuguese Laurel Standards for Topiary or Pleaching

PRUNUS lusitanica 1.2m Std, 35lt - Jan

PRUNUS lusitanica 1.2m StdStd Portuguese Laurel, 35lt Container at 1.7-1.8m now