WHITEBEAM Trees – SORBUS aria – Great Autumn Colour & Berry

Whitebeam Tree - SORBUS aria - March, Arrowtown

SORBUS aria – Whitebeam tree in Arrowtown showing clusters of golden berry early autumn…

Sorbus aria – Whitebeam or Silver Rowan, is a lovely hardy tree that does well in Central Otago to Coastal Southland. Silver – dark green foliage colours up a deep gold mid-autumn along with clusters of gold-amber orange berry also known as ‘chess apples’ in Northern England. Berries very attractive to birds. A lovely avenue or specimen tree.

SORBUS aria 45lt - April
SORBUS aria (berries) - March

SORBUS aria, Whitebeam, 45lt container, 2.5m+ now


Interesting SORBUS aria, Whitebeam, Tree Facts….

“This tree commonly grown in parks and gardens, though is quite rare in the wild.It is native to the British Isles, growing wild only in areas of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Ireland“​

“Berries are known as chess apples in north-west England and sometimes edible when well ripe”​