White Flowering Cherry - PRUNUS yedoensis - Yoshino Cherry

White Flowering Cherry – This beautiful Prunus is one of our most popular Flowering Cherries. Attractive vase to spreading form and masses of cloud-like white blossom early spring. Trees here in the nursery are just breaking into flower as i type…

A very popular street tree here in the south with one of the hardiest forms. A very versatile and attractive garden, park and street tree.

PRUNUS yedoensis (blossom) - Sept

Masses of single white, sweetly almond scented blossoms early spring…

PRUNUS yedoensis 45lt - Sept

PRUNUS yedoensis – Yoshino Cherry – available now in 1.8m std 45lt 2.5-3m or 2.1m Standard, 45lt container, 3-3.5m now

Interesting PRUNUS yedoensis – Yoshino Cherry Facts

Regarded one of the most spectacular of flowering trees, the Yoshino cherry, Prunus x yedoensis, is highly celebrated for its thousands of showy, almond-scented blossoms coming out all at once along its bare branches in early spring

Yoshino cherry is believed to be native to Yoshino District” 

“Naraimei Fujino gave Yoshino cherry the name Somei-yoshino after the famous place of cultivation Somei village (now known as Toshima)