Cheerful WINTER Flowering – Camellia Setsugekka

Winter Flowering CAMELLIA 'Setsugekka' - June (White Flowering Camellia)

White Flowering Camellia – Lovely sweetly fragrant white flower early winter. Fills the garden with beautiful fragrance especially when sun is shining on the flowers. Also creates a fantastic evergreen pleached hedge, attractive topiary standard or screen, as shown above.

Camellia Setsugekka topiary std or for pleaching

CAMELLIA 'Setsugekka' 15lt - May

CAMELLIA Setsugekka 0.8-1m StdWhite Flowering, 15lt container, 1.5m (heads approx 50cm now and bushy)

Camellia Setsugekka bushy hedging grade

CAMELLIA 'Setsugekka' 25lt - May

CAMELLIA SetsugekkaWhite Flowering, 25lt container, bushy 1.5m