WELCOME Back & Happy New Year! 🌞

HOHERIA lyallii, Routeburn, Fiordland

WELCOME Back & Happy New Year! There’s something about the beginning of a new year.  It brings the promise of opportunity and fresh adventures, met with a reinvigorated spirit and new perspective.  We certainly feel that way after a most enjoyable and relaxing break.  We hope you do too and wish you all the best for the days ahead.

For this blog, we’re sharing an image from explorations over the last few sunny weeks.  One tree that captivated us on our walks is the Native Mountain Lacebark (Hoheria lyallii).  A rarer Native tree seen growing in the Fiordland mountains, this beautiful shot above was captured by Aliza on a hike close to Milford Sound.

HOHERIA lyallii (flower), January

Currently in flower – showing their blossom like white blooms

HOHERIA lyallii 45lt, February

A rare and smaller deciduous NZ Native tree, the leaves are a beautiful and bright shade of green. Come mid-summer, it produces the most delightful sprays of white flowers that carry the faintest of scents.  Then as the blooms fade and Autumn ushers in cooler days, the foliage turns a delicate yellow and in cooler winters it will become deciduous.

As you’d expect from something growing from the lower canopy to alpine zone in Fiordland, it’s reasonably hardy, prefering moist sites and tolerating shade.  Grows to 4-5m.

A rarer NZ Native Tree to include in your landscape.

HOHERIA lyalii – Houhere or Native Mountain Lacebark, 35lt container, 2.5-3m now (measured from top of container) – approx 5 year old

Also available in: 12lt container, 1.5-1.8m now