WELCOME BACK & Happy New Year!!!

Walter Peak Station - Weeping Elm

The lovely Walter Peak Station on a cracking summer’s day (this photo taken on the first day of the year actually!) Is well worth a visit if touring the deep south – also the BBQ lunch is fantastic!

Wow another year rolls in!!! We trust you are having or have had a lovely refreshing break with friends and family. An incredible summer season for us here so far in the deep south with a succession of beautiful sunny days not seen for many years!!!

Welcome to 2018

Refreshing summer shade this holiday season 🙂

Might you be looking for an impressive shade tree?

ULMUS glabra 'Pendula' 135lt - Jan

The ULMUS glabra ‘Pendula’  Camperdown or Weeping Elm, a beautiful deciduous tree with strong deep green, semi-weeping foliage creating welcome summer shade. These lovely large 135lt grade trees would be approx. 10-12 years old and will create instant shade effect now. Current branching spread is approx. 1.5-1.8m wide with trunk diameter at 80mm – Secure yours today!

ULMUS glabra Pendula 2m Std, Weeping or Camperdown Elm, 135lt container 2m std 70-80mm+ trunk calliper with approx. 1.5-1.8m spread now