Large Grade ULMUS hollandica varieties – Upright Elms

Upright Elm Tree - ULMUS hollandica 'Lobel' - Northlake, Wanaka - March

Upright Elm Tree – A fantastic larger upright tree that has proven to be a real winner this hot dry summer in the south. It has kept its lovely dark green foliage and not shown any signs of drought stress. An excellent street or avenue tree that also tolerates salt winds – the tree of choice for hot/dry areas as well as coastal!

Tree avenues of the lovely Upright Elm shown in Wanaka above and Pegasus, Canterbury below. Shown growing fantastically well in the hot and dry and also close to coastal.

Hardy Upright Elms - ULMUS hollandica 'Lobel' - Christchurch, March

Looking great available now as follows…

ULMUS hollandica 'Lobel' 45lt - Jan

ULMUS hollandica ‘Dodens/Lobel’Hardy Upright Elm, 45lt container, 2.5-3m

ULMUS hollandica 'Lobel' 80lt - Jan

ULMUS hollandica ‘Dodens/Lobel’Hardy Upright Elm, 80lt container, 3.5-4m

ULMUS hollandica 'Lobel' 135lt - Jan
ULMUS hollandica 'Lobel' 80lt - April

ULMUS hollandica ‘Dodens/Lobel’Hardy Upright Elm, 135lt container, 4-4.5m

Interesting ULMUS hollandica ‘Dodens/Lobel’ Tree Facts….

Ulmus Lobel, known as Lobel Elm, was created at Wageningen in Holland and released for commercial sale in 1973“​

​”Ulmus Lobel was bred for its resistance against Dutch Elm Disease, it is broadly columnar with deep green leaves that turn deep gold in autumn

Ulmus Lobel will grow on most soils and even grow on land beside the coast