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Trees for Birds: Tui’s are singing brightly in the trees here at our North Road site despite the very winterish sub-zero temperatures in the south the past 2 weeks. This Tui was captured in trees nearby making a meal of some Cotoneaster berries.

Ilex – Smooth leaf Holly are a great alternative and good source of winter food for these birds, particularly the Ilex Golden King, Hendersonii, JC van Tol & Handsworth New Silver with their bright red winter berries.

Also the Arbutus – Irish Strawberry Tree & Sorbus aria – Whitebeam are fantastic winter food providers for the birds.

Please find our ‘Trees for Birds’ selection as follows:

ARBUTUS unedo 45lt - Feb
ARBUTUS unedo (berry) - June

ARBUTUS unedoIrish Strawberry Tree – A lovely hardy evergreen tree with dark green foliage and flaky brown trunk. Small white bell flowers in summer followed by golden-deep red strawberry like fruits late autumn. A real magnet for the birds! These can be grown as a medium sized evergreen tree and also make a lovely topiary!

Available now in 35/45lt container, approx. 1.8m

ILEX aquifolium 'JC Van Tol' 35lt - March
ILEX aquifolium 'JC Van Tol' (berries) - March

ILEX aquifolium ‘JC Van Tol’Smooth Leaf Holly – Smooth dark green smooth foliage. Small clusters of red berries late autumn lasting into winter – or as long as the birds let them! A lovely hardy tree suitable as a specimen or tightly clipped hedge or topiary.

Available now in 12lt container 1.3-1.5m+

ILEX altaclerensis 'Golden King' 80lt - June

ILEX altaclerensis ‘Golden King’Green-Yellow foliage – Like its name suggest this tree really stands out majestically in the landscape. Golden margined leaf with bright red berry later autumn into winter. Great specimen or topiary.

Available now in 80lt container, approx. 2.5m

ILEX aquifolium ‘Handsworth New Silver’ 80lt - Jan
ILEX aquifolium ‘Handsworth New Silver’ (berries) - May

ILEX aquifolium ‘Handsworth New Silver’Silver Margined Holly – Another striking tree with sliver margined leaf and bright red berry late autumn into winter. Creates a fantastic topiary or specimen.

Available now in 80lt container, approx. 2.5m+

SORBUS aria 45lt - Jan
SORBUS aria (berries) - March

SORBUS ariaWhitebeam, – The popular Whitebeam, Native to Britain, very hardy for wind and coastal conditions as well as inland dry and frost. Clusters of small white flowers mid-summer followed by medium sized golden-amber berry.

Available now in 35/45lt container, approx. 2.5m+