STUNNING Flowering Crabapple – MALUS – In Flower NOW!

Flowering Crabapple - Oct

These two lovely Malus – Flowering Crabapple, were photographed in Arrowtown this week. Stunning deep pink-scarlet blossom – a real standout in the landscape!

Flowering Crabapple - Oct

MALUS ‘Ballerina Maypole’ – a glorious upright form with masses of deep pink blossom followed by deep purple crabs (apples) late summer. A neat smaller growing upright avenue or group planting tree.

MALUS 'Ballerina Maypole' 25lt - Sept
MALUS 'Ballerina Maypole' (flower) - Oct

MALUS ‘Ballerina Maypole’Columnar Crabapple, Red Fruit, 25lt at 1.5m+

MALUS domestica ‘Flamingo’ – beautiful newer variety with scarlet pink blossom early October. Lovely upright-vase shape form. This variety does not seem to fruit which can be beneficial in certain garden and park/street situations.

MALUS domestica 'Flamingo' 25lt - Oct
MALUS domestica 'Flamingo' (in flower) - Oct

MALUS domestica ‘Flamingo’, Scarlet Flowering Crabapple, 25lt at 2m

MALUS ‘Strathmore’ – mid-dark pink blossom late September. Lovely new deep red foliage also provides accented colour.

MALUS Strathmore 35lt - Oct
MALUS Strathmore (flower) - Oct

MALUS ‘Strathmore’, Red Leaf, Narrow Grower, 35lt at 2.5m

MALUS species are not just great for their cheerful spring colour but also an attraction to the birds. Attracting our Native nectar feeding birds when in blossom and again a range of birds when in fruit, sometimes well into the winter…