COLOUR’S of the Seasons… NEW Video 🍃🍂🍁😯

Stunning Autumn Colour Trees – After last week’s roaring 40’s weather conditions the lovely still mild autumn weather has returned this week 😊

A great time to plant with the still warm soil conditions and moisture in ground.

We have included a ‘Colours of the Seasons’ video this week showing the beautiful changes of colour in stunning autumn colour trees included in some of beautiful clients projects.

Some of these beautiful autumn colour trees include as follows:


LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua ‘Worplesdon’ – Sweet Gum

Stunning Autumn Colour Trees - LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua 'Worplesdon' 80lt - March
LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua 'Worplesdon' 80lt - April

LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua ‘Worplesdon’ – The Autumn Colour King!

This beautiful tree is one of our most popular and sought after trees. A fantastic tree for Central Otago & Southern Lakes, providing a display of brilliant autumn colour (shown in summer and autumn colour to right)

Currently available now as follows:

– 35/45lt container at 2.5m+
– 60lt container at 3m+


TILIA platyphyllos – European Lime Tree

TILIA platyphyllos 80lt - Feb
TILIA platyphyllos 80lt - April

TILIA platyphyllosEuropean Lime Tree

Great specimen trees shown well in avenue planting in video above. Lovely cool lime green foliage in summer changing to gold in autumn. Also excellent for pleached avenues.

Currently available now as follows:

– 35/45lt container at 2.5-3m
– 80lt container at 3.5-4m
– 135lt container at 4m+


CARPINUS betulus – English Hornbeam

CARPINUS betulus 35/45lt - Feb
CARPINUS betulus 35/45lt - May

CARPINUS betulusEnglish Hornbeam

Very popular hedging especially for Central Otago & Southern Lakes where it shows off its stunning autumn colour and lovely lush green summer foliage. Clips to a tight hedge at 1m – 3m+. Great cold hardy tree and quick growing. Also makes a great specimen tree.

Currently available now as follows:

– 8lt container at 1.3m
– 35/45lt container at 2-2.5m
– 60lt container at 3m+