SOPHORA – Native Kowhai 🎶

NZ Native Kowhai - SOPHORA microphylla 'Longicarinata' (flower) - Oct

NZ Native Kowhai – Sophora – the attractive golden bell like flower a magnet for Tui’s, Bellbird’s & Wax-eye. The Tui’s & Bellbirds very active in gardens right now with some Kowhai already in full bloom.

Also another golden effort from Kiwi Teams this past week! – Well done the Silver Ferns! 🏐 👍😁

The Native Tui’s & Bellbirds have been very busy and filling the nursery with 🎶 this past week. I’m sure they (as well as us) feel that spring is almost here!!! 🌼 This Tui pic was captured recently in Queens Park.

The Native Kowhai – Sophora are an excellent magnet for these beautiful birds. Some of our trees here in the nursery are in full bloom right now as shown in photo below. Plant this great native tree in your garden today.

SOPHORA microphylla – large 80lt grade

SOPHORA microphylla 80lt - July

The above trees lovely large 80lt grade in full flower right now are all sold – please enquire regarding contract growing these larger sizes for your project.

SOPHORA microphylla 45lt - Jan
SOPHORA microphylla 25lt - Dec

SOPHORA microphylla – NZ Native Kowhai, 45lt container, at 2.5m now (left pic)

SOPHORA microphylla – NZ Native Kowhai, 25lt container, at 2m now (right pic)

(Heights are measured from top of container, Rata is a guide for size)