RATA’s Location of the Month – Millbrook Resort 🌲🌸 – 25th August 2021

The Millbrook Resort is a stunning example of refinement that fully deserves the numerous international accolades received over the years.

The expanse of the award winning golf course, with the gentle rolling hills, is framed by shrubs, trees and then mountains in the far distance.Β  In the residential area, the openness is maintained whilst also bringing the plants and trees to the foreground, for a more immediate and private landscape.

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PRUNUS serrulata 'Kanzan', Millbrook, Queenstown

PRUNUS β€˜Kanzan’ street tree planting, underplanted with VIBURNUM davidii

Some of the beautiful trees supplied to this lovely location…

PRUNUS 'Kanzan' 300lt, October

PRUNUS ‘Kanzan’ – Double Pink Cherry, 300lt container 1m std, at 4.5m now (measured from top of container) – approx 10 year old

PRUNUS ‘Shimidsu Sakura’ – Moonlight Cherry

PRUNUS 'Shimidsu Sakura', Millbrook, November

PRUNUS ‘Shimidsu Sakura’ is one the the main varietals featured through out the resort. This beautiful tree is in flower now

PRUNUS serrulata 'Shimidsu Sakura' 200lt, November

PRUNUS ‘Shimidsu Sakura’ – Moonlight Cherry, 200lt container, 1.8m std, at 3.5m now (measured from top of container) – approx 10+ year old