PYRUS calleryana ‘Candelabra’ – Upright Ornamental Pear

PYRUS calleryana Candelabra

Autumn colour shown to left and spring blossom to right – lovely upright Candelabra form

The PYRUS calleryana Candelabra – Ornamental Pear with lovely upright ‘Candelabra’ like form and deep green leaves changing to autumn tones or orange/red late autumn. Produces abundant white flowers in early spring. It is drought hardy but will also handle intermittently wet, heavy soils.

GREAT Tree for avenues and formal gardens!

PYRUS calleryana 'Candelabra' 35lt - Jan

PYRUS calleryana ‘Candelabra’Upright Ornamental Pear, 25lt at 2.5-3m