PYRUS ‘Aristocrat’ – Ornamental Pear 💮 – 20th September 2021

There is an undeniable appeal about the emergence of spring. The birdsong sounds more melodic, the air feels cleaner and the landscape starts to come to life.  For the PYRUS calleryana ‘Aristocrat’ – Ornamental or Callery Pear, springs mark the arrival of welcoming clouds of white blossom.

It’s a notable change from its Autumn appearance, which is characterized by vibrant orange and rich red hues.  The changing colour show put on by the  ‘Aristocrat’ makes it incredibly appealing as a hardy tree option well suited to Central Otago, or anywhere else in New Zealand.

Indeed, the hardiness of this tree is behind it becoming known as the ‘Survivor Tree’ following the September 11 terrorist attacks.  Amongst the rubble following the attacks, a very damaged and burnt PYRUS calleryana – Callery Pear was discovered.  Nursed back to health and replanted at the 9/11 memorial in NYC, it stands as a living reminder of the resilience of nature, providing inspiration to a City that refuses to surrender to terror

Residential specimens as shown in Gibbston, Queenstown.

An excellent selection of ornamental pear with deep green wavy foliage and tidy pyramidal form. Creates an ideal hardy street or avenue tree tolerant of windy, dry and cold conditions, excellent autumn colour.

Hardy, deciduous, grows to 6 x 4m.

PYRUS calleryana ‘Aristocrat’ – Ornamental or Callery Pear

PYRUS calleryana ‘Aristocrat’ – Ornamental or Callery Pear, shown in summer foliage

35/45lt container, at 2.5m+ now (as measured from top of container) – approx 5 year old

Also available in:

16lt container at 2-2.5m