THE MOST POPULAR Blossom – PRUNUS yedoensis ‘Yoshino Cherry’

Yoshino Cherry - PRUNUS yedoensis - Oct, Invercargill

PRUNUS yedoensisWhite flowering Yoshino Cherry Avenue – Invercargill

The hardiest and most Popular Flowering Cherry in the deep south! Great vase shape form and stronger leaf for the spring winds. Also great autumn colour – beautiful driveway or avenue tree!

PRUNUS yedoensis - Sept, Invercargill

Attractive single blush white flowers with pink centre fading to white. The Almond scented blossom are set on clusters providing a very full blossom and strong flower – more robust in wind and maintaining a crisp white appearance.

PRUNUS yedoensis - blossom

Avenue showing autumn and summer foliage…

PRUNUS yedoensis - April, Arrowtown
PRUNUS yedoensis - Jan, Arrowtown

Our 45lt 2.5m+ grade – photo taken April this year (about to come into blossom now) – Also larger 80lt 3m+ grades available – please enquire!

PRUNUS yedoensis 45lt - April

PRUNUS yedoensis 1.8m Std, Yoshino or Tokyo Cherry, 45lt at 2.5m+

Interesting Tree Facts:

– In 1901, Yoshino cherry was given a scientific name Prunus yedoensis by Jinzō Matsumura after its place of origin Yedo (current day Tokyo)

– In 1912, Tokyo mayor Yuko Ozaki gave the city 3,020 more cherry trees, which the Department of Agriculture accepted.

– The average lifespan of the trees is 60 years. With careful cultivation, they can last upward of 100 years. In Japan, there are flowering cherries that are more than 1,000 years old