PRUNUS ‘Thundercloud’ – Early Flowering Plum 🌸 – 23rd August 2021

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The tree catching our eye this week is the stunning PRUNUS cerisifera ‘Thundercloud’ – Ornamental Plum.

With its early spring blossom – the first in the landscape, this ornamental plum is always a welcome sign to say spring is just around the corner! With its clusters of purple buds, opening to blush pink blossom, this tree is a stunner at this time of year.

Shown above: Kereru – Native Wood Pigeon feasting on the buds of the PRUNUS ‘Thundercloud’

Blush Pink Blossom – opening from deep purple buds.

PRUNUS cerisifera ‘Thundercloud’ – Ornamental Plum, 35lt container, now at 2.5m+ (measured from the top of container) – as shown in summer

also available in: 80lt container, now at 3m+ (measured from top of container)

Stunning lakeside specimens in Wanaka – Summer

The PRUNUS ‘Thundercloud’ doesnt just feature blossom, but attractive deep purple foliage not unlike the Purple Beech – FAGUS sylvatica ‘Purpurea’.

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