🌸 – PRUNUS – Blossoming Cherry’s

Blossoming Cherries | PRUNUS - Wanaka, April

Hard to believe we are in the middle of winter right now… some days this week feeling so much like spring it brings on thoughts of the soon to be beautiful blossoming cherries 🌞

These trees have a fantastic display of colour throughout the seasons including these stunning Prunus yedoensis – Yoshino Cherry shown above, in blaze of autumn colour and again in blossom below – this variety is one of our most popular flowering cherry trees.

PRUNUS yedoensis - Wanaka, September

Plant your Blossoming Cherries now to enjoy the full beauty and benefits of blossom display in the coming spring.


PRUNUS ‘Mountain Haze’ – White Cloud Blossom

PRUNUS 'Mountain Haze' 45lt - Oct
PRUNUS Mountain Haze 45lt - April PRUNUS 'Mountain Haze' 45lt - April

PRUNUS ‘Mountain Haze’ 1.8m Std – White Cloud blossom45lt container, 2.5m+

This compact form blossoming cherry tree has a full white blossom creating a mass of white cloud like blaze of colour mid-September. Great selection for smaller gardens

Lovely examples show below in Arrowtown (supplied & planted ex 80lt 3m+ grade)

Blossoming Cherries | PRUNUS - Wanaka, April

Also many other blossoming cherry tree varieties and colours available now – please enquire