Cream Berry Rowan - SORBUS aucuparia ‘Josephs Rock’ 35lt - Dec
SORBUS aucuparia ‘Josephs Rock’ 35lt - MarchSORBUS aucuparia ‘Josephs Rock’ (leaf) - JanSORBUS aucuparia ‘Josephs Rock’ 45lt - Jan

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SORBUS aucuparia ‘Josephs Rock’ – Cream Berry Rowan

Product Description

Cream Berry Rowan

An excellent small tree with upright compact form. Fine dark green foliage turning to brilliant shades of red, orange and gold in autumn. Clusters of small creamy-white berries late summer turning gold in autumn remaining on the tree well into winter. Hardy, deciduous, grows to 3–4m.

Suitable for: Smaller tree for avenues, group planting.

Features: Tidy compact form, white to gold berry, excellent autumn tones.

Botanical Name: SORBUS aucuparia ‘Josephs Rock’