Giant Wellingtonia Redwood - SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum 160lt - Feb
SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum - CromwellSEQUOIADENDRON giganteum 60lt - FebSEQUOIADENDRON giganteum 25lt - JanSEQUOIADENDRON giganteum 160lt (trunk) - MaySEQUOIADENDRON giganteum 200lt - JanSEQUOIADENDRON giganteum (winter foliage) - AugustSEQUOIADENDRON giganteum - Giant Wellingtonia Redwood - Wanaka - JuneSEQUOIADENDRON giganteum 80lt - Jan

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SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum – Giant Wellingtonia Redwood

Product Description

Giant Wellingtonia Redwood

Majestic pyramidal evergreen tree with large tapering trunk and almost glaucous foliage. An excellent tree for large properties and creates an impressive avenue or laneway. Hardy, evergreen, conifer, grows to 8 x 4m.

Suitable for: Avenues and laneways, shelter and specimen planting

Features: Large tapering trunk and compact pyramidal form

Botanical Name: SEQUOIADENDRON giganteum

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