PSEUDOPANAX arboreus 80lt - Jan
Native Five Finger - PSEUDOPANAX arboreus 14lt - AprilPSEUDOPANAX arboreus (in flower) - JanPSEUDOPANAX arboreus 45lt - Jan

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PSEUDOPANAX arboreus – NZ Native Five Finger

Product Description

NZ Native Five Finger or Whauwhaupaku

Hardy native shrub with dark green five-fingered leaves. Tolerates a wide range of conditions from coastal to frost. Prefers free-draining soils. Hardy, evergreen, grows to 3 x 3m.

Suitable for: Native and group plantings, screening and shelter.

Features: Large dark green leaf, hardy.

Botanical Name: PSEUDOPANAX arboreus

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