Native Silver Beech - NOTHOFAGUS menziesii 25lt - Dec
NOTHOFAGUS menziesii 35lt - NovNOTHOFAGUS menziesii - Oct, Queens ParkNOTHOFAGUS menziesii 80lt - JuneNOTHOFAGUS menziesii - Oct, Queens ParkNOTHOFAGUS menziesii (winter foliage) - August

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NOTHOFAGUS menziesii – NZ Native Silver Beech

Product Description

NZ Native Silver Beech or Tāwhai

Compact growing native beech tree often found in higher altitude alpine areas. Has an attractive black trunk with silver horizontal lines and often with a Zen-like interesting structure. Foliage gives a silvery shimmering look especially in spring. An impressive and hardy native tree. Hardy, evergreen, grows to 5 x 3m.

Suitable for: Group and specimen planting.

Features: Attractive trunk colour and form with silver shine to leaf.

Botanical Name: NOTHOFAGUS menziesii 

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